Safety tour

Dates and information regarding the safety tour (15 people by visit)

The SKIL safety tour allows you to discover the SKIL space and its equipment as well as the rules of use and the team present to help you.

These courses take place on registration (15 people per visit), on Wednesdays (French only) and Fridays of the semester (French or English) at 9:15 am.

To register, please complete the following form. No e-mail will be sent once registered, so please arrive on time at the given date.

If you are unable to attend a training session (Wed 9.15 or Fri 9.15), please fill in this waiting list. If there are more than 10 registered students, a survey will be sent to schedule an additional date. If by any chance you already have a group of 10 students available on a given date (Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm), please write directly to [email protected]

Please note that before taking this tour, you must have successfully completed 1) the DLL Prototyping Moodle quiz and 2) the Service Now course by choosing an affiliated project. More information here.

Security Presentation

The safety presentation could be found here (only in french):