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EPFL Xplore team wins second place at the European Rover Challenge

— Mid-September, the EPFL Xplore team flew to Kielce, Poland, for a three-day immersion in the Martian landscape designed for the 8th European Rover Challenge.

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ENAC celebrates its 20 years and three disciplines in style

— On 2 September 2022, EPFL’s School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC) celebrated its 20th anniversary at a high-energy event featuring expert perspectives on the challenges lying ahead.

© RebuiiLT / 2022 EPFL

rebuiLT, or how to build a house sustainably

— The Low-Tech Lab in Lausanne has been part of the Unipoly association of EPFL since 2021 and aims to popularize the low-tech approach already found in several other European universities. Its showcase project rebuiLT is one of EPFL’s interdisciplinary MAKE projects and seeks to reuse parts of a building being demolished to create a community pavilion in Ecublens.

Yannis Ulrich, Pavlo Kashko, Rayan Harfouche, Tobia Fjellman and Jan Jakub Frybes © 2022 EPFL / Alain Herzog - CC BY-SA 4.0

“The work was hard but rewarding”

— The Swiss team took third place at the 2022 International Physicists’ Tournament after spending eight months preparing hard for the competition. Here, the passionate physicists reflect on their experience.

Artemis, the latest Formula Student racer of EPFL Racing Team. © Alain Herzog/EPFL

EPFL Racing Team bets on Artemis to bring home the wins

— The team unveiled its latest car yesterday evening at EPFL’s new makerspace. Their speedster will compete in four Formula Student Electric races throughout Europe this summer.

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