What if you could travel with a piece of home? what if you could get lost in the nature with a shelter? what if. . . we could go around the world without a low impact? Let's invent the diOgen!

Project description

Travelling is now a democratised activity with major social and environmental consequences. We are travelling the world in order to find our way in a familiar hotel and visit the tourist stereotypes we already saw in pictures.

But is it possible to travel differently? At a human rhythm, to explore and enjoy the surroundings? To have a rest, meet different cultures or just find true silence? Bicycle travel is an answer for a more sustainable and viable tourism in a total immersion with the nature; but which is not very accessible today due to the lack of comfort.

diOgen is a concept of caravan that gives added value to the traditional or electric bicycle. By exploiting the rotation and sliding, the trailer becomes a living space during the day, at night or as a mobile shop.

For more information, here is the project poster and a promotional video:

Student involved: