Credited courses

As soon as the SKIL concept was created in 2018, it was possible to offer a 4 ECTS credit course during which students let their imagination run free and design their own project ideas.

Teaching Unit SKIL 2018

The projects of the SKIL teaching unit in 2018.

Teaching Unit SKIL 2019

The projects of the SKIL teaching unit in 2019.

Teaching Unit SKIL 2020

The projects of the SKIL teaching unit in 2020.

Various prototyping, design or ideation courses take advantage of SKIL’s infrastructure to provide their students with access to a practical workshop. A non-exhaustive list is provided below.

HUM-375 – SHS “Prototyping”

The course brings together students from EPFL and UNIL through a participatory design approach. Students develop several prototypes within an interdisciplinary team and develop their solutions through user tests.

HUM-378 – SHS “Creativity and Inclusing Design”

The course brings together EPFL students through a participatory design approach and reflective practice involving interdisciplinary collaboration. Students develop a prototype of an object, product, service or experience.

HUM 206 – SHS Design Industriel

The course aims to introduce students to the basics of industrial design by confronting them with the creation of an object. This is a practical course based on the development of a semester project.

MICRO-406 – Products design & Systems engineering

This course will cover all the aspects of product design and system engineering from learning relevant methods to the actual implementation in a hands-on practice of product development.

CIVIL 443 – Advanced composites in engineering structures

The aim of this course focuses on the description of the performance of composite materials for engineering applications.