Swiss Euclid Days 2020

Participants of the Swiss Euclid Days 2020 at the EPFL campus

Euclid will be launched in less than 3 years and many in Switzerland are involved in this unique cosmology ESA mission.
With data soon becoming real, gatherings of the Swiss community interested in Euclid, or in syngeries with other surveys, observatories, or facilities (e.g. SKA, LSST, CTA, CERN) are beginning to take place.
The first such “Swiss Euclid Days” took place on the EPFL campus on 4-5 February 2020, and included contributions from various researchers from across Switzerland.
Examples of some of the topics presented are listed below:

Gravitational lens finding challenge


The Euclid strong lensing pipeline


The relevance of lensing-convergence terms for photo-z surveys


Full sky correlation function for galaxy surveys


Measuring the Hubble constant with next generation galaxy survey


Simulating Galaxy Images via Progressive GAN


Intrinsic alignments (and nonlinear modeling) in multi-probe analyses)


ReACT and HyPk general, non-linear, unified, codes for cosmology


What can we learn from strong lensing ?


Cosmological Information Contents on Light Cone


The Euclid/VIS shutter unit


Euclid photo-z Challenge


Illuminating Cosmic Dawn with Euclid




SDC-CH: Processing Infrastructure and Pipelines


Photometric Redshifts for Euclid


Lenstool-HPC : Mass modelling for Euclid

Impact of lensing convergence on galaxy clustering for spectroscopic and photometric surveys

Strong Lens Finding Simulations to train Neural Networks