Pencil Code User Meeting 2021

About the meeting

The Pencil Code User Meeting is an annual meeting dedicated to the Pencil Code. The purpose of the meeting is to bring regular users and core developers together to discuss scientific and technical progress since the last meeting, to instigate collaborative projects, and to allow new users to learn more about the code and to interact with other users and developers. The Pencil Code Meeting 2021 will be held virtually using Zoom in the week of May 17-21 2021.


About the Pencil Code

The Pencil Code is a multipurpose code for massively parallel computing. It includes optionally hydrodynamics, magnetic fields, radiation, ionization, multi-species dust dynamics with coagulation, self-gravity, and particles. It is developed and maintained under Git version control by around 78 people with check-in permission. Until now more than 32,000 updates and commits have been made by the developers. With more than 500 papers referring to the Pencil Code it has been very successful. The code is tested nightly on several platforms and provides an excellent pedagogical tool for professional scientists as well as students to implement new code within an organized framework.


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