Released data

This page presents published COSMOGRAIL light curves, sorted by increasing right ascension. For each quasar, the data is available either as a plain ASCII file (.rdb), or by following the link to the Strasbourg astronomical Data Center (CDS). The light curve data provided by these two means are identical, except for some difference in magnitude zero-point. The .rdb files might offer additional technical metadata about each measurement. Epochs are given as Modified Heliocentric Julian Date (MHJD), which corresponds to the Heliocentric Julian Date – 2400000.5 day. To visualise all the COSMOGRAIL data with our interactive tool, please click here.

Lens name COSMOGRAIL publication Light curve figure Light curve data
DES J0408-5354 Courbin et al. (2017) DESJ0408.pdf rdb, CDS
HE 0435−1223 Bonvin et al. (2016) HE0435.pdf rdb, mocks, CDS
SDSS J1001+5027 Rathna Kumar et al. (2013) J1001.pdf rdb, CDS
RX J1131−1231 Tewes et al. (2013) RXJ1131.pdf rdb, CDS
SDSS J1206+4332 Eulaers et al. (2013) J1206.pdf rdb, CDS
HS 2209+1914 Eulaers et al. (2013) HS2209.pdf rdb, CDS