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© 2024 EPFL

Purchase credit cards – SDG2 switch to Demat invoice system

— New purchasing credit card for processing monthly statements via Sesame.

© 2023 EPFL

Picture the Universe: CSCS and PASC project supports future SKA

— The Square Kilometre Array Observatory is scheduled for completion by 2030. Once operational, it will generate 600 petabytes of astronomical data per year. Scientists in Switzerland are working diligently to develop part of the supercomputing infrastructure and software that will process this enormous amount of data efficiently. CSCS is lending its expertise from many years of experience in handling large amounts of data, while a project financed by the PASC initiative and led by EPFL researchers is increasing the efficiency of the data processing software.

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— RADIOBLOCKS: A New European Consortium to develop Next Generation Technologies for Radio Astronomy Infrastructures

© 2022 SKAO. A composite image of the future SKA telescopes, an artist's impression.

Radio astronomy to foster Swiss research and industry

— By becoming a member of the SKA Observatory (SKAO), the largest and most ambitious radio astronomy collaboration in the world, Switzerland intends to foster Swiss research and industry while contributing to an international initiative that promises to revolutionize our understanding of the Universe.

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Cosmic web orchestrates the progression of galaxies

— The shape of galaxies and how they evolve depend on a web of cosmological filaments that run across the Universe. According to a recent study headed by EPFL’s Laboratory of Astrophysics, this cosmic web plays a much bigger role than previously thought.

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