Astrophysic Projects with Robotic Fiber Positionner


   Spectroscopic observation of stars and galaxies are intrinsically limited in number by current instrumentation at telescopes. In the last years, a strong science  interest has developed to increase significantly the number of spectra of stars and galaxies to conduct statistical analysis. A number of international projects are thus in development. The table below give a summary of current facilities (SDSS and AAT) and the new instruments in development (PFS, DESI, 4MOST, MOONS, WEAVE and MSE).


Project Telescope Diameter Number of fibers
SDSS  2.5m 1000
AAT – AAOmega 3.9m 400
Subaru – PFS  8.2m 2400
Mayall – DESI 4.0m 5000
VISTA – 4MOST 3.7m 2400
VLT – MOONS 8.2m 1000
WHT – WEAVE 4.2m 1000
CFHT – MSE 10m 3200