Swiss SKA Days 2019

We are pleased to invite you to participate to the fourth Swiss SKA days. During this exciting 2-day event we will discuss the ambitious SKA radio-astronomy project at the edges of advanced technology and computing.

Since March 12th, 2019, the SKA Observatory  is an Inter-Governmental Organisation (alike CERN,ESA,ESO …) with a plan to build in the next years two major interferometric radio observatory located in South Africa and Western Australian:
Switzerland has currently an observer position in the SKA project and is considering from 2021 on participation as a SKAO member. The SKA Days 2019 will further discuss the Swiss interest and participation to this ambitious project.

The fourth Swiss SKA meeting will take place during  June 19 to 20  at the University of Bern.

If you want to contribute or participate to the Swiss SKA days please register – here – Deadline for registration May 25, 2019.


Wifi Connection

  • eduroam network
  • public-unibe network
    • Browser opens the page «Welcome to University of Bern Public Wireless LAN»
    • Then request a temporary access code by SMS and enter the Voucher Code: ncxg-wsm
    • You will receive a SMS with the login code which allows access for one month

Keynote & Agenda

Keynote speakers:

  • Phil Diamond, SKA Director General
  • Simon Berry, SKA Director of Corporate Strategy
  • Carole Jackson, (NL) ASTRON General & Scientific Director (Cancelled)
  • Fernando Camilo (South-Africa) SARAO Chief Scientist
  • Kavilan Moodley (South-Africa) HIRAX Principal Investigator
  • Bo Qin, (China) NOAC, Lead SKA Scientist
  • Le Zhang (China)  Jiatong University, Lead Tianlai Scientist
  • Xavier Reymond (Switzerland) SERI
  • Michel Hubner (Switzerland) SERI-ILO

The detailed agenda will be communicated end of May.

Preliminary Agenda:

Wednesday 19 June 2019

10h-12h30 Introduction Session – Chair: Daniel Schaerer

12h30-14h00 Standing Lunch

14h-15h30 Session: Towards SKA (Chair Jean-Paul Kneib)

15h30-16h00 Coffee Break

Sessions:  Swiss industry interest in SKA (Chair: Michel Hubner)

18h00-19h Standing Apero along with SKA outreach activities


Thursday 20 June 2019

9h-10h30 Session on SKA Astrophysics Science (Chair: Jean-Paul Kneib)

10h30-11h00 Coffee break

11h00-12h40  Session on Astrophysics Science (Chair: Tyler Brouke)

12h30-14h00 Standing Lunch

14h00-16h00  Session on Data Science (Chair: Romain Teyssier)

16h End of meeting


List of Registered Participants

List as of June 19, 2019

Alexey boyarsky Leiden university/EPFL
André Csillaghy FHNW
Andrea Fortier University of Bern
Anouk De Bast SEFRI
Axel Murk Institute of Applied Physics, University of Bern
Brice-Olivier Demory University of Bern
Carole Jackson ASTRON
Cheng Zhao EPFL
Christophe Donzelot HEIG-VD
Claudio Gheller SPC – EPFL
Daniel Pfenniger University of Geneva
Daniel Schaerer Geneva Observatory, University of Geneva
Danielle Zemp University of Bern
Diego Casadei Cosylab Switzerland GmbH
Dominique Bovey HEIG-VD/IICT
Edmund Humenberger Symbiotic EDA
Esther Linder University of Bern, Space physics
Farbod Hassani University of Geneva
Fernando Camilo SARAO
Francesca Molendini MDK
Francois Corthay HES-SO
Frederic Courbin EPFL
Gilles Fourestey EPFL
Grazia Umana INAF-OACt
Guilherme Peretti-Pezzi CSCS / ETHZ
Huanyuan Shan SHAO
Ian Hastings SKA Organisation
Jean-Paul Kneib EPFL
Jennifer Schober Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Jonas Schwammberger FHNW i4ds
Jonathan Blazek EPFL
Kavilan Moodley University of KwaZulu-Natal
Kevin Reymond SEFRI
Le Zhang Shanghai Jiaotong University
Lucio Mayer University of Zurich
Marc Audard University of Geneva
Mark Sargent University of Sussex
Martin C E Huber ESA
Martin Kunz University of Geneva
Martin Melchior FHNW
Michel Hübner Swiss Industry Liaison Office
Ming Jiang EPFL
Miroslava Dessauges Geneva Observatory
Mona Jalilvand University of Geneva
Nuri Twebti IBM
Olivier Küttel EPFL
Pascal Oesch University of Geneva
Pascal Rochat Orolia Switzerland & T4Science
Pascale Jablonka EPFL
Piero Pontelandolfo PlanetS NCCR
Prof. Philip Diamond SKA Organisation
Ralf Flückiger Diramics AG
Romain Teyssier University of urich
Sepand Kashani EPFL
Simon Berry SKA Organisation
Simon Marcin FHNW
SKA Organisation Ltd. SKA Organisation Ltd.
Sophie Oblette LASTRO
Susanne Wampfler Center for Space and Habitability (CSH), University of Bern
Sylvère Froidevaux T4Science SA
Teresa Montaruli University of Geneva
Thibaut Roger NCCR PlanetS – University of Bern
Ting Tan EPFL,Ecole Polytechnique
Tyler Bourke SKA Organisation
Vasileios Angelopoulos EPFL
Xavier Reymond SERI
Ysadora Charital University of Geneva
Yves Revaz EPFL
Yves Wiaux Heriot-Watt Edinburgh