Swiss SKA Days 2018

With the participation of Catherine Cesarsky  (Chair of the Board of the SKA Organisation) we are pleased to invite you to participate to the third Swiss SKA days. During this exciting 2-day event we will discuss the ambitious SKA radio-astronomy project at the edges of advanced technology and computing.

Later this 2018, SKA will become an Inter-Governmental Organisation (alike CERN,ESA,ESO …) with a plan to build in the next years two major interferometric radio observatory located in South Africa and Western Australian.
Switzerland has currently an observer position in the SKA project and is considering from 2021 on a participation as a SKA member. The SKA Days 2018 will for the first time invite interested Swiss companies to discuss potential involvement in the construction of the observatory.

The third Swiss SKA meeting took place on  June 11 and 12  at FHNW near Zurich.


The venue is hosted by the Institute for Data Science FHNW, at the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, or University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. It is located in the Campus Brugg-Windisch. The meeting took place in Building 1, at the Address Klosterzelgstrasse 2, 5210 Windisch:

Agenda & Presentations

Monday 11 June 2018

10h20-12h30 Introduction Session – Chair: Daniel Schaerer [Room 1.047]

12h30-14h00 Standing Lunch

Parallel Sessions: SKA in Europe – Chair: Tyler Bourke [Room 1.047]

15h40-16h10 Coffee Break

Parallel Sessions:  Swiss industry interest in SKA: Chair Simon Berry [Room 1.045]

  • 14h00 Ian Hastings (SKA Head of Procurement): The SKA procurement plan
  • 14h30 CSCS: by Michele De Lorenzi (Deputy Director)
  • 14h45 Orolia/Spectratime/T4Science: by Pascal Rochat (Managing Director)
  • 15h00APCO technologies: by Louis Comtesse (Technical Account Manager)
  • 15h15 Viasat: by Ferdinando Tiezzi (Director of Business Development)
  • 15h30 IBM-Research: by Paul Hurley (Research Scientist): The DOME project

15h45-16h10 Coffee Break

  • 16h10: CosyLab: by Diego Casadei (Head of Space R&D): Cosylab possible contributions to SKA telescope management
  • 16h20: Solenix: by Yann Voumard (Business Manager)
  • 16h30: nanoTRONIC GmBH: by Philippe Hersberger  (CEO): Company presentation
  • 16h40: Art of Technology AG: by Klaus Ruzicka (Senior Engineer): Innovative Electronics – Design and Development Services
  • 16h50: Kandou Bus: by Amin Shokrollahi (CEO): Ultra high bandwidth chip-to-chip links at low power
  • 17h00: /repository/default/content/sites/ska/files/2018june_Ateleris.pdfAteleris: by Etesi Laszlo (Managing Director)
  • 17h10: Koegl Space: By Stefan Koegl (Managing director)

18h00-20h00 Standing Dinner along SKA outreach activities

20h00-21h30 Public Talk by Kevin Schawinski (ETHZ):   “Wie wir mit künstlicher Intelligenz das Universum erkunden

Tuesday 12 June 2018

9h-10h30 Session on SKA Astrophysics Science: Chair Jean-Paul Kneib [Room 1.047]

10h40-11h05 Coffee break

11h05-12h40  Session on SKA Data Science: Chair André Csillaghy [Room 1.047]

12h40-14h00 Standing Lunch

Parallel Sessions

14h-16h00 Astrophysics Session: Chairs Tyler Bourke & Alexandre Refregier [Room 1.047]

14h-16h00 Data Science Session: Chairs Miles Deegan & Paul Hurley  [Room 1.045]

List of Registered Participants

As of June 6, 2018

Name First Name Affiliation Position
Abou-Mansour Eliane Service Recherche UNIGE Responsable du Pôle Lémanique et National
Amin Moshurl Bangladesh Astronomical Association Chairman
Angelopoulos Vasileios LASTRO EPFL Ph.D. Candidate
Ashena Narges University of Zurich PhD student
Audard Marc University of Geneva MER
Benz Arnold FHNW Windisch and ETH Zurich Emeritus Professor
Berry Simon SKA Organisation Director of Strategy
Blazek Jonathan EPFL Ambizione Postdoctoral Fellow
Bolzern Roman i4Ds research assistant
Bourke Tyler SKAO Project Scientist
Casadei Diego Cosylab Switzerland Head of Space R&D
Cesarsky Catherine CEA SKA Board Director
Comtesse Louis APCO Technologies SA Technical Account Manager
Courbin Frederic EPFL Professor
Csillaghy André FHNW Head Institute for Data Science
De Lorenzi Michele CSCS Deputy Director
Deegan Miles SKA Organisation HPC Specialist
DEGUILLAUME Frédéric SICPA Senior Researcher (PhD)
Dell’Aglio Daniele University of Zurich Postdoc
Demarmels Anton SwissMEM Innovation and Technology Management
Dessauges-Zavadsky Miroslava Geneva Observatory Collaboratrice Scientifique
Etesi Laszlo Ateleris GmbH Managing Director
Felix Simon FHNW Senior Researcher
Ferrari Chiara OCA Astronomer, SKA-France Director
Froidevaux Sylvère T4Science SA COO
Garnier William SKA Organisation Director of Communications
Gheller Claudio ETHZ CSCS Computation Scientist
Hastings Ian SKA Organisation Head of Procurement
Hersberger Philippe nanoTRONIC GmbH Ceo
Huber Martin C.E. ETHZ/ESA retired
Hurley Paul IBM Research Research Scientist
Huwyler Cédric Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW Postdoctoral Researcher
Jablonka Pascale EPFL Dr Prf
Jackson Carole ASTRON Director General
Jalilvand Mona University of Geneva PhD student
Jiang Ming EPFL Scientific collaborator
Kashani Sepand IBM Research Research Scientist
Kneib Jean-Paul EPFL Director Laboratory of Astrophysics
Koribalski Baerbel CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science senior research scientist
Küttel Olivier EPFL Head International Affairs
Lapadula Katja FHNW Admin/Project Office I4DS/IIT
Lastufka Erica FHNW PhD student
Magun Andreas retired solar radioastronomer retired
Marcin Simon FHNW Research Assistant
Melchior Martin FHNW Professor FHNW
molendini Francesca FHNW senior reserach associate
Nath-M Ranjana iThEC Nuclear Energy scientist
Oosterloo Tom Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy Senior Scientist
Pantaleev Miroslav Onsala Space Observatory, Chalmers University of Technology Head of the Electronics Laboratory
Pfenniger Daniel University of Geneva prof.
Prandoni Isabella INAF Research staff
Refregier Alexander ETHZ Prof. Dr. Alexandre Refregier; Deputy head of Inst. Particle Physics and Astrophysics
Revaz Yves EPFL Scientist
Reymond Xavier SERI Head of Unit International Research Organisations
Rivkin Lenny Paul Scherrer Institut (CH) and EPFL PSI Deputy Director
Rochat Pascal Orolia / Spectratime / T4Science Managing Director
Roger Thibaut Universität Bern PhD Student
Ruzicka Klaus Art of Technology AG Senior Engineer
Saad Muhammad University of Zurich PhD student
Saha Prasenjit University of Zurich Titular Professor
Sargent Mark U. of Sussex Senior Lecturer in Astronomy
Sathiapal Hanna FHNW Science Communication
Schaerer Daniel Geneva Observatory, University of Geneva Prof
Schawinski Kevin ETHZ Assistant Professor
Schmid Rolf Art of Technology AG Managing Director
Schmutz Werner PMOD/WRC Director
Schober Jennifer LASTRO, EPFL postdoctoral fellow
Sharma Rohit National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Pune, India Research Scholar
Shokrollahi Amin Kandou Bus, and EPFL CEO
Simeoni Matthieu IBM/EPFL PhD Student at IBM (Paul Hurley’s group)
Smirnov Oleg Rhodes University & SKA SA SKA Research Chair / Manager, Radio Astronomy Research Group
Tiezzi Ferdinando Viasat Business Development Director
Valkenburg Wessel EPFL postdoc
Voumard Yann Solenix Schweiz GmbH Business Manager Switzerland
Wampfler Susanne Center for Space and Habitability, University of Bern CSH Fellow/Postdoctoral researcher
Wiaux Yves Heriot Watt Professor