Workshop Bessières


This project centers on the design and realization of a temporary stage for urban art performances within the framework of the Festival de la Cité de Lausanne, in the form of participative workshops with students from different universities of Switzerland. The project will be located on the Bessières bridge in Lausanne and will be based on experimental construction with re-used materials. The installation can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled for future editions. The objective is to perpetuate the collaboration with the Festival and to allow the setting up of annual workshops that will allow the addition of elements to the structure.

Project Team 

Arianna Frascoli, ALICE, Architecture
Jonas Meylan, ALICE, Architecture
Dr. Paola Costanza Miglietta, RESSLAB, Civil Engineering
Prof. Dieter Dietz, ALICE, Architecture
Prof. Dimitrios Lignos, RESSLAB, Civil Engineering

For further information please contact:  [email protected]