Transition: Roadmaps for resilient decarbonizing cities

*not offered in 2023

This workshop in French and in English, proposed in collaboration with the Fondation Braillard, aims at aims at encouraging professional interactions and understanding the scale and methods for the ecological transition of cities in the face of climate emergency. 

The Transition Workshop 2022 proposes a real involvement in the reinvention of the Geneva agglomeration – one of the most advanced and innovative metropolises in the world. In collaboration with internationally renowned experts and regional policy makers, participants are invited to explore methods, tools and processes to accelerate the socio-ecological and technological transition of cities towards decarbonisation. 

The workshop consists of two modules; a theory Masterclass (4ECTS) online  (March 10th to July 7th) and a design studio (4ECTS) in person (July 11th to 22nd in Geneva). ENAC students can choose to participate in one or the other module as a 4 ECTS ENAC Summer Workshop.

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