Development of a discrete event simulator for the real-time control of electrical grids

(Bio-Informatics) Numerical Simulation of Immune System (1)

(Bio-Informatics) Numerical Simulation of Immune System (3)

(UWB) A software-radio testbed for UWB ad hoc networks

(UWB) Correcting a Performance Anomaly in the DCC-MAC Protocol

(UWB) Detection and timing acquisition in UWB networks

(UWB) Implementation of a realistic UWB physical layer in a network simulator

(UWB) Measurements and statistical analysis of interference from a UWB radio

(UWB) Performance evaluation of the 802.15.4a physical layer with interference

Ad-Hoc Flash Sales for iPhone

Analysis of the performance of TCP-FBA in wired and wireless environments

Apple and Google are not the Only Ones With Your Location

Characterising the BER in a TH-BPSK channel model

Conditional BER of a non-coherent receiver for impulse radio UWB channel with interfering users

[Deterministic Networking] Simulation of instability in Time-Sensitive Networks with imperfect clocks

Developing a Realistic Email-User Component for AntispamLab

Developing a Realistic Spammer Component for AntispamLab

Evaluation of Advanced TCP Stacks on Fast Long-Distance Networks

Innovative Information Dessimination in Ad Hoc Networks with Network Coding

Mean Field Analysis of Scrip Systems for P2P

Networking and Experimenting Components for A System for Realistic Testing of Antispam Software

Performance of high speed, low power mobile ad-hoc UWB networks

Reliable Communication Protocols for the Smart Grid

Security of Ultra-Wideband Communications

Security and Performance Issues in PowerPlugAV MACs

Sleeping Nodes in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Spot-Application for Smartphones

Statistical Analysis of Chao’s Immune System Simulation

T-RECS: A Software Testbed for Multi-Agent Real-Time Control of Electric Grids

Test and Documentation of Ad-Hoc Flash Sales Application (Paid if Summer Project)