(Bio-Informatics) Numerical Simulation of Immune System (3)

Contact: Jean-Yves Le Boudec

Site: (Bio-Informatics) Numerical Simulation of Immune System (3)

The Immune System of vertebrates is a complex biological system that helps fight various infections and attacks. Its involves a complex interaction between the innate immune system (macrophages, complement proteins, dentritic cells and the adaptive immune system (T- and B- lymphocytes). The innate system provides the danger signals required to trigger the adaptive system, which in turn activates the innate system. The adaptive system uses a set of negative and positive selection procedures to create B- and T-cells that are efficient at turning down agressions. Sometimes however, the adaptive immune system itself is the cause of diseases. Understanding the performance aspects of the immune system is key to help in refining medical responses to diseases such as cancer, AIDS and auto-immune diseases.

The goal of this project is to produce a series of tools for translating various representations of the immune systems.

The resulting code is available in the public domain. See http://ica1www.epfl.ch/IS


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