In limbo semester projects

(Bio-Informatics) Numerical Simulation of Immune System (4)

(Bio-Informatics) Simulation of Immune System

A new self-limiting epidemic service for ad hoc networks

Distributed User Profiling

Effect of geometry on load balancing strategies and multi-path TCP

High Resolution Power Trace Genearation using Data Analysis or Machine Learning Approaches

Incorporation of a Voltage Stability Index into a Controller for Active Distribution Networks

L1 norm minimization applied to power system state estimation

Load change detection and energy saving in wireless networks

Mean Field Models of Interacting Objects

Quality of Service Analysis for the Smart Grid

Robust Impulse-Radio UWB IEEE 802.15.4a Receivers

Robustness and Safety of Smart-Grid Real-Time Control

Smart Grid Security

Smart Grid Wireless Communication

Statistical Analysis of Experimental Biological Data

(Start-up) Project in a Start-up Company

Traffic Control in Smart Grid Communication Network

Using Online Learning Algorithms to Assess The Trustworthiness of Resources in the Smart-Grid Real-Time Control System

Controllability of the Electrical State via Nodal Power Injections

Delay and buffer bounds in time-sensitive networks based on deficit round robin schedulers

Dispatching Distribution Grids Using Data Analysis and Machine Learning Methods

Web-based Design and Visualization Environment for Advertisement Messages for the Smart-Grid Real-Time Control System