Development of a discrete event simulator for the real-time control of electrical grids


T-RECS is an open-source sotware testbed for the real-time control of electrical grids. It uses an emulated network for the communication between virtualized hosts, where the developpers can test their software without doing any modifications to it. A major limitation of T-RECS is that the simulations are run in real-time, which makes the process of testing time consuming. The goal of this project is to incorporate virtual time in T-RECS, by developping a discrete event simulator. The simulator should keep track of the virtual time and activate the events, such as grid state estimation updates and power setpoints implementations, at the right time. This is expected to significantly reduce the time needed to simulate long series of experiments.

What you will do:

  • Develop a discrete event simulator and incorporate it in T-RECS
  • Benchmark the time reduction achieved by your simulator for various grid control strategies

Required skills:

  • Strong programming experience in python.
  • Knowledge on electrical grids is not required but appreciated.


Plouton Grammatikos – [email protected]



Discrete-event simulators