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Recent Publications

Estimation of power line parameters pdf
Handling Delay Faults in Replicated Time-Critical Controllers: Part 2: Intentionality Clock pdf
          Part 3: Real-Time Agreement  pdf
Scenario Based OPF for Dispatch with Batteries  pdf
COMMELEC Deployment on the EPFL Microgrid pdf
Controlling the Electrical State via Uncertain Power Injections pdf
Handling Delay Faults in Replicated Time-Critical Controllers: Part 1: Detection and Masking pdf
Optimal Patching Plan for PMU (and the Optimal Sensor Patching Problem) pdf
Multicast Authentication and PMU streaming pdf
Iterative Stochastic OPF for Computing a Dispatch Plan pdf
Existence and Uniqueness of Load-Flow Solutions in Three-Phase Distribution Networks pdf
Exact AC OPF convexification for radial networks pdf slides
Kalman filters with steps pdf
How to attributes the costs of variability ? pdf
On the Convexification of Optimal Power Flow pdf
Attacks on time synchronization the delay box, undetectable attacks on state estimation with PMUs,
State Estimation using an ARIMA model and Kalman Filter pdf
Short term forecast of solar irradiation for real-time control of grid pdf
iPRP: parallel redundancy protocol (IEEE WFCS 2015 Best Paper Award) pdf
Security vulnerabilities in MPLS-TP (ACM SEGS 2014) pdf
The EPFL campus smart grid pdf
Impact of Demand-response on the Efficiency and Prices in Real-time Electricity Markets (ACM e-Energy 2014) pdf
Real Time Control of Distribution Networks (COMMELEC)  part I,  part II,  overview (video).
Impact of Storage on the Efficiency and Prices in Real-Time Electricity Markets (ACM e-Energy 2013) preprint, video
Stability of a stochastic model for demand-response (Extended version of the Energy 2011 Best paper award) more …
Computation of sensitivity coefficients for an intelligent electrical distribution network  more …
Optimal Storage Policies with Forecast Uncertainties more …
From Network Calculus to Battery Calculus (MMB & DFT 2012 Best Paper award) more …
Demand Response Using Service Curves more …