Design and implementation of a frontend application


Zaphiro Technologies ( is currently concentrating and processing several tens of gigabytes of data per day from devices deployed in electrical substations. In some cases, it is useful to retrieve and download a specific subset of the raw and/or processed data to file for further processing in external tools.

This project aims to design and implement the frontend of a simple web application. In this first phase, the frontend is expected to allow the user to select a set of locations in an electrical network and to download the associated data to file over a certain time interval. The frontend will communicate with the backend application using REST API. A significant part of the project involves the design of the frontend part and its coupling with existing solutions.

What you will do

  • Create a web page application (preferred technology REACT.js)
  • Interface has to be user-friendly
  • Documentation

Required skills

  • Experience in developing frontend applications in REACT.js
  • Knowledge about REST API to communicate with the backend
  • Ideally knowledge in setting up tests from front end applications


Marco Pignati – [email protected]