Traffic Control in Smart Grid Communication Network

Contact: Miroslav Popovic

In the near future EPFL is planning to deploy campus-wide smart grid infrastructure.

The goal of the communication network prototype is to ensure communication between sites equipped with Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) and the electrical network state estimator.

In the beginning, EPFL infrastructure will be exploited. Existing twisted pair cabling will connect measurement and control endpoints.

Having in mind sensitive nature of the system that communication network should support, reliablity requirements are very strict. In our previous work, in the testing phase, we discovered scenarios with excessive loss of information due to combination of IP fragmentation and the FIFO/tail-drop queuing discipline implemented within line terminal devices at the source end. The goal of this project is the mitigation of the above-mentioned problem by implementing traffic control mechanism in combination with a network ressource reservation protocol within PMUs.

You can find more details about the project here.

Recommended reading

  • On the Necessity of Traffic Shaping for PMU Measurement Data Streams, M. Popovic, P. Gao, D.-C. Tomozei and J.-Y. Le Boudec, PEAC 2013, pdf