Incorporation of a Voltage Stability Index into a Controller for Active Distribution Networks

Contact: Jagdish Achara

Project Description:

Historically, Voltage Stability has not been a concern in Power Distribution Systems. However, due to the ongoing evolution from Passive to Active Distribution Networks, which may exhibit complex Power Flow patterns, this is no longer true. For Voltage Stability Assessment, Voltage Stability Indices are an interesting option, because they may provide reasonable results using relatively simple models. The purpose of this project is to incorporate such a Voltage Stability Index into a Controller for Power Distribution Systems and investigate its performance. To this end, a simple benchmark network is to be configured and analysed using a state-of-the-art simulation tool. Moreover, the controller needs to be extended to incorporate the information provided by the Voltage Stability Index to counteract instability using controllable resources. In doing so, the student will gain insight into Voltage Stability Assessment and Voltage Control in Power Distribution Networks.

Tasks of the student:

The extent of the work can be adapted depending on the desired type of the project.

  • Configuration of a benchmark network in the simulation tool.
  • Implementation the functionality for (i) the Voltage Stability Index and (ii) the controller.
  • Definition of suitable scenarios for testing the effectiveness of the controller.
  • Simulation of the previously defined scenarios in the developed benchmark setup.
  • Analysis of the obtained results with respect to the effectiveness of the voltage control.

Required Skills:

  • Good knowledge of C++ is required. Familiarity with Python is a plus.
  • Basic knowledge of power systems (power flow, transmission line model, and the like).
  • Basic knowledge of mathematical optimization (linear / quadratic / nonlinear programming).

Supervisors: Wajeb Saab, Roman Rudnik, Jagdish Achara