(UWB) Implementation of a realistic UWB physical layer in a network simulator

Contact: Ruben Merz

Site: UWB

When doing research in UWB wireless networking, a very important tool is a proper network simulator. With such a simulator, researchers are able to simulate, test, improve and debug MAC or routing protocols for UWB radio networks.

A critical component of such a simulator is the physical layer model. This model must reflects the transmission and propagation characteristics of the physical layer and offer functions to accurately compute statistics such as the bit error rate (BER) or packet error rate (PER). Such a model has been developed [1] but not yet integrated in a network simulator.

The goal of this project is to implement the physical layer model in [1] in the ns-2 simulator. We already have an implementation, but in its current state, it is far from being sufficiently accurate.

This project is at the frontier of physical layer and networking research. It requires decent programing skills.


[1] R. Merz and J.-Y. Le Boudec. Conditional Bit Error Rate for an Impulse Radio UWB Channel with Interfering Users. In IEEE International Conference on Ultra-Wideband (ICU 2005), 2005.


  • Exposure to state of the art research in wireless networking
  • Excellent knowledge of UWB networking and physical layer
  • Experience with network protocol implementation, in particular in the ns-2 network simulator


Network performance analysis; Protocol design and implementation