Mean Field Analysis of Scrip Systems for P2P

Contact: Jean-Yves Le Boudec

A SCRIP systems is a virtual money system that was proposed in [1] to reduce free riding in P2P systems. The goal of the project is to apply mean field techniques in [2] to simplify the analysis in [1]. As a first step, the dependency of the Nash equilibrium on the total amount of virtual currency should be analyzed.

[1] E. Friedman, J. Halpern and I. Kash, Optimizing scrip systems: efficiency, crashes, hoarders, and altruists, Proceedings of the Eighth ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce, 2007, pp. 305-315 pdf
[2] Ian Kash, Eric J. Friedman, and Joseph Y. Halpern, Optimizing scrip systems pdf
[3] Gast, Nicolas ; Gaujal, Bruno ; Le Boudec, Jean-Yves, Mean field for Markov Decision Processes: from Discrete to Continuous Optimization, EPFL-REPORT-148261 pdf

Skills Required: simulation, game theory, calculus, matl