Modelling Dissemination in Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks

Contact: Jean-Yves Le Boudec

Site: Doctoral School Proposals

The project will consist in analyzing information propagation in wireless, mobile networks. Malware as well as legitimate (non bogus) information will be considered. The problem is to analyze and simulate propagation schemes implemented by well behaving or malicious nodes.

More information about the context, including an implementation on smartphones is available under the Haggle project

The analytical part could be based on general markov chain modeld, mean field interaction models, or ordinary different equations. The precise choice will depend on which aspect is considered. A starting point are the following papers:

  1. T. Karagiannis, J.-Y. Le Boudec and M. Vojnovic Power law and exponential decay of inter contact times between mobile devices Mobicom 2007. pdf
  2. M. Benaim and J.-Y. Le Boudec A Class Of Mean Field Interaction Models for Computer and Communication Systems Technical Report, 2008. pdf
  3. J. Mundinger and J.-Y. Le Boudec Analysis of a reputation system for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks with liars, accepted to Performance Evaluation, 2007. pdf


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