Test and Documentation of Ad-Hoc Flash Sales Application (Paid if Summer Project)

Contact: Alaeddine Elfawal

Ad-hoc Flash Sales is a way to promote commercial products, usually joined with discounted pricing. We have already implemented a prototype of this application for Windows XP and Windows Mobile (for smartphones). Our implementation of the Ad-hoc Flash-Sales includes two parts: vendor and customer. The vendor parts aims at injecting flashes in the wireless network. A vendor runs this part on any wireless device (desktop, laptop or even a smartphone) to promote his product locally around the sell-point or anywhere else. A flash contains the description of the product to promote and for sure its price.

The customer part also runs on any wireless device, ideally a smartphone. Also, it can run inside vehicles equipped with a WIFI interface. Customers receive the flashes injected by the vendors through multi-hop broadcast.

The flash dissemination is ensured using SLEF (Self Limiting Epidemic Forwarding), which is a middleware that delivers an efficient and reliable multi-hop broadcast.

The goal of this project is to test and write documentations for existing prototypes (in C++ for Windows, Windows Mobile and Linux, and in Java standard edition and micro edition).