Networking and Experimenting Components for A System for Realistic Testing of Antispam Software

Contact: Slavisa Sarafijanovic

Site: Antispam Lab

We are developing an innovative antispam software based on artificial immune system technology, and would like to test it in as-realistic-as-possible scenarios.

Today, surprisingly, there is not a known solution for off-line testing of antispam software in scenarios that would include all next features:
A) use of multiple real mail servers and clients,
B) included standard/optional e-mail-user behavior,
C) use of important spamming techniques.
The job of the student is to work on making a system that enables such testing.

In other words, the main output of the project would be networking and experimenting components combined with the existing real mail-server and mail-client programs that enable:
1) easy building of a mailing network within one or few computers, including simulated user behavior (exchange of e-mails);
2) easy adding to the system and testing of any antispam software. The developed system should be tested (at least) on the antispam software we are developing.


  • Practical experience on networking problems that include use of the communication solutions widely deployed in the Internet.
  • Participation in a practical project of designing, implementation, evaluation and probably publishing of a system that is potentially going to be used by many people (antispam researchers and/or antispam software vendors).
  • The field of protection against unwanted information in the Internet (mail, web) has increasing industry-ravenue and research popularity. For example, search Google with the queries: Mailcleaner Lausanne, or Google Zurich , or Microsoft antispam research, or IBM antispam research, and see what you get.


Network management; Other; Security