(UWB) A software-radio testbed for UWB ad hoc networks

Contact: Ruben Merz

Site: UWB

In January 2006, we started the implementation of a software radio testbed for ultra-wide band physical layers (UWB). The main characteristics of an UWB physical layer is its very wide bandwidth (> 500 Mhz to several GHz) and the very peculiar kind of transmitted signal, in our case pulses with a length around a nanosecond. This project is conducted in collaboration with various partners within MICS. You can consult http://icawww1.epfl.ch/uwb/mics for more more information.

With the testbed, the goal is to be able to evaluate the performance of UWB (signal acquisition, localisation, data transmission, etc…) in the presence of interference as is typically the case in a ad hoc network.

At the core of the testbed stands a high performance data acquisition card (1 GHz bandwidth, 2 GSamples/s). This card will be connected to the receiving antenna and used to demodulate and decode the received signal.

Project Goals
We have various project for students motivated to work at concrete and challenging issues, both practical and theoretical.
For any information do not hesitate to contact Ruben Merz.

MICS UWB Network: http://icawww1.epfl.ch/uwb/mics


Practical experience with ultra-wide band physical layer technology. Exposure to state of the art techniques and digital communications algorithms.

Domain: Other; Protocol design and implementation