(UWB) Detection and timing acquisition in UWB networks

Contact: Ruben Merz

Site: UWB

Since January 2006, we started the implementation of a software radio testbed for ultra-wide band physical layers (UWB). The first version of this testbed was demonstrated in September 2006. The main characteristics of an UWB physical layer is its very wide bandwidth (> 500 MHz to several GHz) and the very peculiar kind of transmitted signal, in our case pulses with a length around a nanosecond. This project is conducted in collaboration with various partners within MICS. Please consult http://icawww1.epfl.ch/uwb/mics for more more information.

Project Goal
The goal of this project is to evaluate and improve the packet detection and timing acquisition algorithm of the testbed. Such an algorithm is necessary in wireless networks in order to be able to (1) detect that there is a packet on the wireless channel (2) Synchronise with this packet for proper demodulation and decoding. In addition this algorithm must be robust to multi-user interference created by other concurrent transmitters.


Practical experience with ultra-wide band physical layer technology. Exposure to state of the art techniques and digital communications algorithms.


Other; Protocol design and implementation