FlyJacket soft-exosekelton system

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Wireless patch for monitoring emergency-room patients

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FindMyWay Drone Autopilot

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Prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant


Thanks to their bold, groundbreaking projects, EPFL professors David Atienza, Volkan Cevher, and Sebastian Maerkl each won a prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant. The computer of the future, inspired by the human brain With his Compusapien project, David Atienza, head of the Embedded Systems Laboratory (ESL), aims to create computers that are faster (…)

The next generation of video optimisation


Given the growing number of users and the widening range of devices, streaming is no longer viable in its current form owing to the substantial amount of power and storage capacity it requires. But researchers at EPFL’s Embedded Systems Laboratory (ESL) have found a way to reduce those requirements without impacting the quality of the (…)

STI Industry Day

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YINS Summary

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Embedded systems for Solar Impulse

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When emotions Control Objects

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YINS – thermal-aware design for energy-efficient datacenters

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