Thermal modelling

We explore the design and architecture of 2D and 3D multi-processor systems-on-chip (MPSoCs) with the goal of finding the best trade-offs between power, reliability and workload-related metrics. We also design novel liquid single-phase and two-phase cooling mechanisms for 2D and 3D stacked chips, as well as methods for integrated on-chip cooling and power delivery.

We are currently working on 3D-ICE, an open-source thermal simulation tool. This tool has many features, including the ability to model complex chiplet-based packages and support for plug-ins that describe various heat sink technologies.

With 3D-ICE we can evaluate the benefits of advanced cooling solutions, like intra-chip liquid cooling, in the early stages of development.

3D-ICE: 3D Interlayer Cooling Emulator

Fuel Cell Arrays: liquid cooling and power delivery

Heterogeneous architectures for HPC applications

Thermal-aware design of 2D/3D MPSoCs