Thermal, power and performance aware design of 2D/3D system-on-chip architectures

This research line focuses on the design and architectural exploration of 2D and 3D multi-processor systems-on-chip (SoCs) with the goal of finding the best trade-offs between performance, power, reliability and workload-related metrics such as accuracy. This line also tackles the design of novel liquid single-phase and two-phase cooling mechanisms for 2D and 3D stacked chips, as well as methods for integrated on-chip cooling and power delivery.


Novel in-memory computing accelerators for Machine Learning (ML) on the edge

Exploration of heterogeneous architectures for novel QoS-constrained high-performance computing applications

Novel cooling techniques and thermal-aware design and management to increase the reliability of 2D/3D MPSoCs

Full-system integration of open-hardware RISC-V based architectures with novel interconnect technologies

Integrated power delivery and cooling control for 3D chips using Flow Cell Arrays (FCAs)

Open source tools:

gem5-X: A gem5-based simulator with architectural eXtensions (EUROLAB4HPC)

gXR5: A gem5-based full-system RISC-V simulator

3D-ICE – 3D Interlayer Cooling Emulator