Overview of Teaching Activities of ESL in the Section of Electrical Engineering (SEL) at EPFL

The teaching objective of ESL is to offer comprehensive undergraduate and graduate education programs in embedded systems design and Multi-Processor System-on-Chip architectures (MPSoC) for the latest technology nodes, especially with a practical industrial and professional application perspective.

All the teaching activities of ESL are performed in ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING in the Section of Electrical Engineering (SEL) at EPFL, specifically at the Bachelor Level, ESL teaches the course of Microprogrammed Embedded Systems (“Systèmes embarqués microprogrammés”)Conception of Digital Systems (“Conception de systèmes numériques”) and Laboratory in Conception of Digital Systems (“Lab. on Conception de systèmes numériques”).

Also, ESL is part of the Master of Science in Electrical engineering of SEL at EPFL, in particular coordinating the specialization of Data Analytics and Internet of Things (IoT), where ESL members teach different aspects related to the design of advanced IoT objects and edge computing with the Laboratory on Apps development for tablets, smartphones and smartwatches, and they taught for several years the Advanced Qt Programming Course for Nokia Smartphones and the TP on Qt Programming for Mobile Platforms and Smartphones, in cooperation with the Nokia Research and Advanced Educational Division of Nokia in Finland.

Finally, ESL is member of the PhD Programs of “Electrical Engineering (EDEE)” and “Microsystems and microelectronics (EDMI)”, where ESL members teach the courses of “Design and Optimization of Internet-of-Things Systems” and “Co-design of Systems-on-Chip on Reconfigurable Hardware”, as part of these educational programs covering the wide spectrum of electrical and computer engineering design, with special emphasis on low-power embedded systems design, IoT-based computing systems optimization and electronic design automation (EDA).

Detailed information about the current Semester and M.Sc. student projects offered by ESL is available HERE.