Software-defined SIMD

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The high computational requirements of ML applications pose a challenge to their deployment, especially when targeting resource-constrained devices. 

To address it, devised a new hardware solution supporting the high degree of parallelism offered by ML algorithms and leveraging their robustness towards low-range data representation. The pipeline is optimized for parallel, small-bitwidth arithmetics, using flexible Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) formats. Its small area footprint allows its integration at the periphery of memory resources.

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An Energy Efficient Soft SIMD Microarchitecture and Its Application on Quantized CNNs
Yu, Pengbo; Ponzina, Flavio; Levisse, Alexandre Sébastien Julien; Gupta Mohit ; Biswas Dwaipayan ; Ansaloni, Giovanni; Atienza Alonso, David; Catthoor Francky
2024-03-05 IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration SystemsPublication funded by Fvllmonti ((FETPROACT))