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Junior Software Development Engineer
Junior Hardware Development Engineer



The ESLLAB at EPFL is well known for innovation in medical devices.

The MG project has just opened its Phase 1  and the objective is to develop wearable devices with embedded sensors and processing in order to detect ECG and PPG waveforms and to record and infer a range of physiological signals.

The ESLLAB is looking for a junior software engineer, a junior hardware engineer, or an engineer with both fields of experience.

Relevant experience would include a digital and analogue electronics background, familiarity with micro-controllers and programming as well as PCB fabrication using CAD tools, soldering, light manual assembly and test.

The development role will be supported by one of the laboratories Senior Research scientists with the main work being carried out in the laboratory of Professor David Atienza.


Software Tasks

  • To write low level drivers for a real-time micro-controller data recording system
  • To write LE Bluetooth interaction code on the micro-controller in support of data extraction
  • To write Android app code to receive the data
  • To conduct preliminary data analysis in Matlab


Hardware Tasks

  • To design the first prototype of micro-controller with PPG and ECG smart sensor interfacing and plus power system plus LE Bluetooth plus accelerometer.
  • To draught the schematics and component layout of miniature PCBs onto which are installed serial linked smart sensors etc…
  • To draught the schematics and component layout of main PCB onto which are installed  the central processor and local component
  • Actual tracking layout may not be required but some experience would be useful.
  • To fabricate overall Wearable with 3D printed accompanying moulds


For more information please contact Dennis Majoe with your CV.


Dr Dennis Majoe 

[email protected]