Second X-Agora was a great success!
Best Paper Award for Epilepsy Validation Framework
David Atienza appointed ACM CSUR Editor-in-Chief
HEEPocrates featured in EUROPRACTICE report
School of Engineering award for Lara Orlandic
Predicting the future with CloudProphet
X-HEEP community is growing fast: X-Agora at EPFL
X-HEEP workshop at Date 2024
WaSTeLeSS - using AI and IoT to track every drop of water
Heating Bits - Getting control over our data centers
Flavio Ponzina presents paper on edge AI acceleration at Embedded Systems Week
New framework for Epilepsy Benchmarks presented at MHDTE
ACM Fellow Prof. Atienza: Shaping Sustainable Computing & Edge AI
Research assistant – Android development
A wearable system for real-time detection of Epileptic Seizures
David Atienza on the future of data centers
Three new Master project proposals on genome sequencing with IBM
Monitoring and managing data centers with IoT
x-heep - designing healthcare devices of the future
EPFL Open Days
epiPhone - discretely monitoring brain activity
Sensemodi and Nespresso Challenge presented at Engineering Industry Day
Denisa Constantinescu takes on astronomical project for EcoCloud and SKACH
Pengbo Yu and Marco Rios win Teaching Assistant Award
David Atienza elected ACM fellow
Containergy: a new tool for next generation workload management
ESL researcher rewarded for technology that prevents gender-based violence
HDTorch: an accelerator for HyperDimensional Computing
Giovanni Ansaloni talks pervasive AI at SSIE
Award for ESL paper at GLSVLSI
Understanding tech will shape the sports leaders of tomorrow
Prof. Atienza chairs 10th EcoCloud conference at Lausanne Palace
EcoCloud Annual Event 2022
EPFL EMBA participants connecting with EPFL labs for a Digital day
EcoCloud center gets a makeover and expands its activities
David Atienza features in interview on brain-inspired computing
Intel funds EcoCloud Midgard-based research
CHF 150,000 for smart wearables invented in Switzerland
More computing, less energy
Digital twins give fresh insight into the world around us
David Atienza takes part in panel discussion at IFIP60
Atienza appointed Editor-in-Chief of IEEE TCAD
Games on Campus!
David Atienza is promoted to Full Professor
ESL collaborates with IMD to teach IoT
Best student paper award for Lara Orlandic
Droople: cutting edge solutions for water-energy conservation
CIS interviews David Atienza
Thermosyphon - a true Innovation
Coughvid featured on Al-Arabiya TV
Wireless plasticity for massive architectures: new promotional video
Digipredict digital twin will predict the evolution of Covid-19
David Atienza interviewed by RTS for Swiss national TV as anticipation for Coughvid grows
Coughvid makes progress amid great anticipation
Deep Learning Algorithms Helping to Clear Space Junk from our Skies
Servers designed to look like humans
David Atienza receives ICCAD award
Bioalps monitoring progress of Coughvid
Swiss News features the Coughvid app
Federated learning demands more programmable hardware
Swisstech webinar on COVID19
ISVLSI 2020 Best Paper Award
European grant for research on epilepsy seizures
Prof. Atienza presents the Coughvid project in detail
David Atienza interviewed by Frontiers Media
Coughvid on Spanish TV
Tomas Teijeiro appears on Swiss national TV
ESL contributes to Al Jazeera video
Global reaction to the Coughvid iniative
Coughvid: Radiogiornale, on Swiss National Radio
Coughvid: Here & Now, US National Public Radio
Coughvid wins prize and makes waves
Coughvid is launched in the fight against COVID-19
Clearing up space junk
ESL at Innovation Day
Combating fatigue with a smartwatch application
An intelligent network for better water management
They weren't sure it could be done - an Artificially Intelligent Coffee Machine
Forget Joysticks - Use your torso to pilot drones
Two prestigious awards for David Atienza
A wireless patch for monitoring emergency room patients
EPFL researchers defy the limits of-streaming
ERC consolidator grant
Prof. Atienza is named IEEE Fellow

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