RDM contacts & communities

Book a data librarian

Need help with your data management in a 1-on-1 tailored, short session? A question about DMP or dataset publishing? Curious about good coding practices or want to optimize your current data workflow? Make an appointment with a librarian!




EPFL Data Champions community

Get expert advice from the EPFL research community on research data handling. Pick your Data Champion based on field and expertise and discover Research Data Management (RDM) good practices that apply to your case. Go to the EPFL Data Champions webpage or write to [email protected].




EPFL Zenodo community

If you publish your datasets or other research material on Zenodo as an EPFL member, we invite you to associate them with the EPFL Zenodo Community. This allows for better visibility and to obtain our curation services on the data you want to deposit. Also, do not hesitate to check-out what the EPFL Zenodo Community is up to contact [email protected] for support.