Full Presentation: Self-aware anomaly detection for epilepsy monitoring

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Farnaz Forooghifar presents our research on self-aware anomaly detection for epilepsy monitoring on low-power, wearable electrocardiographic devices.

Thermosyphon – a true Innovation

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Innovations developed by our lab have been analysed by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar (see mission statement). One of the researchers involved, Arman Iranfar, explains this ground-breaking technology. Nowadays, data centers with large rooms are filled with a huge number of servers and other IT equipment that account for around 2% of the global energy (…)


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Running efficiently CNNs on the Edge thanks to Hybrid SRAM-RRAM in-Memory Computing

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Joshua Klein: Hands-on with gem5-X and RISC-V

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Part One: Part Two:

Alex Levisse: Enhancing caches with emerging technologies and architectures

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Marina Zapater – What is Gem5-X?

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Wireless plasticity for massive architectures: new promotional video

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Our European project has just released a promotional video: WiPLASH H2020: Architecting More Than Moore – Wireless Plasticity for Heterogeneous Massive Computer Architectures

Coughvid on Al Arabiya

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Tomas Teijeiro is interviewed by Al Arabiya news about the Coughvid, in its last stages of testing. Subtitles provided by Halima Najibi (click on CC)

Digipredict digital twin will predict the evolution of Covid-19

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Under a cross-disciplinary program spearheaded by EPFL, scientists will develop an AI-based system that can predict whether Covid-19 patients will develop severe cardiovascular complications and, in the longer term, detect the likely onset of inflammatory disease. Covid-19 comes with a range of symptoms – from a sore throat and the loss of taste to more (…)