A Wearable System for Real-Time Detection of Epileptic Seizures

The EPFL Technology Transfer Office has released the following information about e-Glass, a groundbreaking device for epileptic seizure detection, which is open for license.

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Despite recent advances in anti-epileptic drugs, one-third of the people with epilepsy continuous to experience seizures. e-Glass is a new wearable system for real- time brain activity monitoring, leveraging edge-computing to account for several biomedical applications, including non- invasive epilepsy monitoring. By adopting advanced system design and machine learning techniques, e-Glass can reliably monitor brain activities continuously for more than 24 hours on a single battery charge.


e-Glass presents up to four high- resolution EEG channels for high quality signal acquisition. Its eyeglasses form factor is key to reduce stigma on daily use while maintaining the electrodes/skin contact. E-Glass state-of-the-art hardware is based only on off-the-shelf components, which allows easy industrialization and production scaling. The platform versatility allows implementing a diversity of algorithms, which can be helpful to trimming it for different applications based on real-time monitoring of brain activity.

• Epileptic seizure monitoring
• Cognitive Workload Monitoring
• Brain-computer interface

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Brain Activity Monitoring, Epilepsy, Seizure Monitoring, Machine Learning, Wearable Device.

Intellectual Property:

2018 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS)

IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (Vol: 69, Issue: 1, Jan. 2022)