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Understanding tech will shape the sports leaders of tomorrow

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ESL has been featured by Sport Business The opportunities afforded by cutting-edge technology in sport have filtered into all aspects of the industry in recent years, from broadcasting to fan experience and athlete training. Such a trend has been highlighted by AISTS’s decision to redesign its flagship Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Sport Management (…)

The nervous system as an IoT: David Atienza on brain-inspired healthcare wearables

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CHF 150,000 for smart wearables invented in Switzerland

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EPFL spin-off Sensemodi, focusing on monitoring joint health, wins the final stage of Venture Kick. Congratulations to the team of founders Tomás Teijeiro Campo, Jerome Thevenot, and David Atienza! Sensemodi is developing a smart wearable device that can analyse thermal, acoustic and kinematic data for fast joint health assessment at any Point of Care. The (…)

DIGIPREDICT — Digital Twins for predicting disease progression and need for early intervention

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Best student paper award for Lara Orlandic

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Lara Orlandic received a   Best student paper award   at the 34th IEEE CBMS International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems. The paper is a study of how a person’s perception of the passage of time can be monitored and assessed, as a continuous evaluation of their mental health. Co-authors on the paper were Prof. (…)

Full Presentation: Self-aware anomaly detection for epilepsy monitoring

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Farnaz Forooghifar presents our research on self-aware anomaly detection for epilepsy monitoring on low-power, wearable electrocardiographic devices.

Coughvid on Al Arabiya

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Tomas Teijeiro is interviewed by Al Arabiya news about the Coughvid, in its last stages of testing. Subtitles provided by Halima Najibi (click on CC)

Digipredict digital twin will predict the evolution of Covid-19

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Under a cross-disciplinary program spearheaded by EPFL, scientists will develop an AI-based system that can predict whether Covid-19 patients will develop severe cardiovascular complications and, in the longer term, detect the likely onset of inflammatory disease. Covid-19 comes with a range of symptoms – from a sore throat and the loss of taste to more (…)

Cough on your smartphone, it will tell you (more or less) if you’re Covid positive

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A laboratory at EPFL is developing a system, based on artificial intelligence, which will make it possible to diagnose Covid-19 from the sound of a cough. The application, which should be available in early 2021, will allow free, widely available testing. Given all the different types of cough that are related to infectious diseases, it (…)

David Atienza interviewed by RTS on Swiss national TV

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French-speaking RTS interview David Atienza about the upcoming release of Coughvid. Subtitles in English: click on CC on the bottom right.