Tech Launchpad

The EPFL Tech Launchpad is a leading technology incubator for innovative startups.  We empower entrepreneurs, providing them with the right support to launch the companies of tomorrow. 
Hand robot

New neuroprosthetic technology © Alain Hertzog 2019

Bringing the right support at the right time

Every startup has its own needs and journey to success.  At the EPFL Tech Launchpad, we work with you through the full incubation period, bringing in external expertise where needed.


Validate early – get out of the lab and focus on your users


Get market ready, product ready and investor ready!

Robotic design

Booster: Design

Develop people-driven technology with your customer at its heart

Internship young students

Booster: Interns

Hire a Master’s student or recent graduate to build your team


Booster: Derisk

Mitigate risks to become investor ready

Thematic Open Calls

Wyss price

EPFL-Wyss call

Accelerate the journey from bench to market of the neuro technologies of tomorrow

Prix Musy

Isabelle Musy Award

Foster women entrepreneurship in science and technology

Robot playing with human and table

Other funding opportunities

Find out about other funding opportunities in the ecosystem

Up-and-coming startups from the Tech Launchpad

Partner Services 


The Tech Launchpad supports all entrepreneurs dedicated to building a business which will solve a compelling problem using innovative technology. To be eligible for joining the Tech Launchpad program, you will need to be a full-time founder based at EPFL and anchored at an EPFL lab.

Our focus is incubation and preparing you and your company for the next step. Once you’re incorporated, we step back and watch you grow.

Yes, but you’ll need to have a EPFL lab ready to host you. EPFL is home to world-leading laboratories that span disciplines and areas of expertise. By incubating in an EPFL lab, you and your idea will have access to world-class facilities backed by leading scientific advisors. Find a lab with the unique scientific edge you need here

Yes absolutely. All innovative technologies with scaling potential are welcome.

No. Every startup has its own needs and journey to success. There’s no one way to reach this. It’s our role to help you with the right support at the right time.

Fill out our registration form – tell us about your project, what you’ve done, and what you need to move forward. If your form fits our criteria, we will invite you for a meeting. Together we will assess the best Tech Launchpad programme to support your idea and send you the detailed application forms.


Do you want to know more about our activities? Do you have an  idea for us? Please send us an email to [email protected]