Resources for Entrepreneurs

EPFL is helping its entrepreneurs through many tools and mechanisms. The close-by EPFL Innovation Park is a major tool. However the local entrepreneurial ecosystem does not limit itself to the campus and the support is extremely rich. You may also want to visit the TTO web pages as well as read the Startup Guidelines 2019.

Type of resources


Training, Coaching & Mentoring

Community services

Community & events

Financial support

Grants & Awards



Office space and desk abroad


Business Trips & Accelerators


Investors & venture capital

The EPFL ecosystem

The information about the ecosystem can be found in a single document “Support to innovation around EPFL”, download the pdf above. We are aware that this ecosystem looks complex and fragmented however the entrepreneurs’ needs vary with the development stage of their project. Do not hesitate to contact us!

You may also be interested in joigning the LinkedIn EPFL Start-up Community group.

(click here to download the pdf)