Meeting the start-ups of the EPFL Innovation Park

Pizzas&Start-up are held 3 to 4 times a year. The conference gives the floor to 4 young innovative companies from EPFL or located at EPFL Innovation Park. In 6 minutes, each of them presents their activities and developments to the EPFL Innovation Park community. Participate in the next event and meet the start-ups who have taken part in the game….

Next event

Tuesday October 1st, 2020

Room Uranus, building D, EPFL Innovation Park


Meet the new start-ups at EPFL Innovation Park and join us for our next conference.

Pizzas will be served after the conference for a moment of networking and exchange. The event is free but registration is mandatory.


Past events

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The Pizzas&Start-up conferences have been in existence since 2011. Many start-ups have taken part in the game… rediscover them.