Meeting the start-ups of the EPFL Innovation Park

Pizzas&Start-up are held 3 to 4 times a year. The conference gives the floor to 4 young innovative companies from EPFL or located at EPFL Innovation Park. In 6 minutes, each of them presents their activities and developments to the EPFL Innovation Park community. Participate in the next event and meet the start-ups who have taken part in the game….

Next event

Tuesday March 12th, 2019

Room Uranus, building D, EPFL Innovation Park

Meet the new start-ups at EPFL Innovation Park and join us for our next conference.

Pizzas will be served after the conference for a moment of networking and exchange.


11:45 Welcome
12:00 Conference: each start-up has 6 minutes to present itself, followed by a few minutes for questions


Komp-Act accelerates the advent of a sustainable electric machinery industry by bringing affordable electric actuators to the market for replacing inefficient old technologies such as pneumatic for environmental benefit, & productivity increase.
Zaphiro Technologies develops SynchroGuard, an innovative solution for the smart management of electrical distribution grids, which allows utilities to safely integrate renewable energies as well as to improve grid reliability by quickly reacting to electrical faults.
Astrocast builds a network of leading-edge nanosatellites in LEO to provide cost-effective IoT services to the 90% of the world not covered by cellular systems.
Caulys brings nature into daily life with an autonomous indoor garden that allows citizens to easily grow fresh fruits and vegetables, all year long.
12.:40 Lunch and network


Past events

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The Pizzas&Start-up conferences have been in existence since 2011. Many start-ups have taken part in the game… rediscover them.