Solutions for Sustainability Initiative (S4S)

The Solutions for Sustainability initiative aims at developing sustainable solutions to decrease our energy dependence and carbon emissions.

Drawing upon EPFL’s research and innovation capabilities in Green Energy, Storage and Sustainability (GESS) and in Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS), the initiative seeks to create demonstrators on our campus and solutions ready for scale-up.

Seven projects were awarded, mobilizing a total of 26 labs in 3 EPFL campuses. Two of these, are large-scale projects with a 6-year horizon, focusing on GESS and CCSU. The remaining five have a 2-year timespan and their focus is on developing solutions that will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of EPFL.

Long-term projects (2029)

Short-term projects (2025)


How EPFL will make the most of its carbon emissions

By supporting a large-scale research project for carbon capture, utilization and storage, EPFL will shrink its carbon footprint while giving a boost to emerging technology.

Exploring solutions to the environmental crisis

More than twenty EPFL researchers and three guest speakers contributed to the first EPFL Symposium on Research & Sustainability, highlighting the diversity and complementarity of scientific and engineering approaches.

Leveraging data to shrink EPFL’s food-related carbon footprint

As part of the MegaBites project, researchers will carefully analyze data on food production and consumption on the EPFL campus, with the goal of cutting the School’s food-related carbon emissions.

Getting our data centers under control

Within the context of the Solutions4Sustainability program, EPFL has funded the Heating Bits project in an effort to reign in the soaring carbon footprint of data centers.

Demonstrating geological CO2 storage on the EPFL campus

The Laloui Group is developing a first-of-its-kind geological CO2 storage simulator to ensure safe and reliable carbon capture and storage.

Solutions4Sustainability federates campus to tackle global challenges

EPFL’s Solutions4Sustainability initiative challenged all members of the campus to develop projects to promote sustainable solutions for energy and carbon footprint reduction on campus and beyond – and they delivered. Seven ambitious projects will share funds totaling some CHF 20 million.

Prof. Ambrogio Fasoli, Delegate of the Provost; Director of the Swiss Plasma Center;  Programme Manager of EUROfusion

Prof. Volker Gass, Director of Strategic Initiatives – Vice Presidency for Innovation

Dr Andrea Crottini, Head of Technology Transfer Office

Dr Jeroen Jaap van Hunen, Head of Research Office

Dr Dimitrios Noukakis, Delegate Sustainability Research & Innovation – Vice Presidency for Responsible Transformation