Technical reports 2013

Report 45.2013   :    Analytic regularity and collocation approximation for PDEs with random
                              domain deformations
J. E. Castrillon-Candas, F. Nobile, R. F. Tempone

Report 44.2013   :    Free form deformation techniques applied to 3D shape optimization
                    A. Koshakji, A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza

Report 43.2013   :    Stabilized reduced basis method for parametrized advection-diffusion
                         P. Pacciarini, G. Rozza

Report 42.2013   :    An improvement on geometrical parametrizations by transfinite maps,
                              C. Jäggli, L. Iapichino, G. Rozza

Report 41.2013   :    An adaptive finite elelment heterogeneous multiscale for Stokes flow in
                              porous media
,              A. Abdulle, O. Budác

Report 40.2014 NEW   :  Low-rank tensor methods with subspace correction for symmetric
                              eigenvalue problems
, D. Kressner, M. Steinlechner, A. Uschmajew

Report 39.2013   :    Numerical validation of isotropic and transversely isotropic constitutive
                              models for healthy and unhealthy cerebral arterial tissues
                              P. Tricerri, L. Dedè, A. Quarteroni, A. Sequeira

Report 38.2013   :    A three-dimensional contiunuum model of active contraction in single
, A. Gizzi, R. Ruiz-Baier, S. Rossi, A. Laadhari, C. Cherubini,
                              S. Filippi

Report 37.2013   :    A rescaled localized radial basis functions interpolation on non-cartesian
                              and non-conforming grids
  S. Deparis, D. Forti, A. Quarteroni

Report 36.2013   :    Computing extremal points of symplectic pseudospectra and solving
                              symplectic matrix nearness problems
, N. Guglielmi, D. Kressner, C. Lubich

Report 35.2013NEW  :  Discrete least squares polynomial approximation with random
                               evaluations – application to parametric and stochastic elliptic PDEs

                              A. Chkifa, A. Cohen, G. Migliorati, F. Nobile, R. Tempone

Report 34.2013   :    Finite element heterogeneous multiscale method for the wave equation:
                              long time effects
,                    A. Abdulle, M.J. Grote, C. Stohrer

Report 33.2014NEW    :   Multilevel and weighted reduced basis method for stochastic optimal
control problems constrainted by Stokes equations, 
                              P. Chen, A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza

Report 32.2013   :    Weighted reduced basis method for stochastic optimal control problems
                              with elliptic PDE constraint
P. Chen, A. Quarteroni

Report 31.2013 NEW  :  Parallel library software for the multishift QR algorithm with
                              aggressive early deflation
,   R. Granat, B. Kagström, D. Kressner, M. Shao

Report 30.2013   :    On convergence of the maximum block improvement method,
                              Z. Li, A. Uschmajew, S. Zhang

Report 29.2013   :    Perturbation analysis for the Darcy problem with log-normal permeability,
                              F. Bonizzoni, F. Nobile

Report 28.2013   :    Thermodynamically consistent orthotropic activation model capturing
systolic wall thickening in cardiac electromechanics,
                               S. Rossi, T. Lassila R. Ruiz-Baier, A. Sequeira, A. Quarteroni

Report 27.2013   :    High order numerical approximation of the invariant measure of ergodic
,           A. Abdulle, G. Vilmart, K.C. Zygalakis

Report 26.2013 NEW  :  On the finite section method for computing exponentials of doubly-
                              infinite skew-Hermitian matrices
,               M. Shao

Report 25.2013   :    A combination between the reduced basis method and the ANOVA
                              expansion: on the computation of sensitivity indices

                              D. Devaud, A. Manzoni, G. Rozza

Report 24.2013   :   Characterization of basin-scale systems under mechanical and
                             geochemical compaction
,     V. Lever, G. Porta, L. Tamellini, M. Riva

Report 23.2013   :   The interface control domain decomposition (ICDD) method for the
                             Stokes problem
,                   M. Discacciati, P. Gervasio, A. Quarteroni

Report 22.2013   :   Model order reduction in fluid dynamics: challenges and perspectives,                              T. Lassila, A. Manzoni, A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza

Report 21.2013   :   Nonlinear eigenvalue problems with specified eigenvalues,
                             M. Karow, D. Kressner, E. Mengi

Report 20.2013   :   Low-rank tensor completion by Riemannian optimization,
                             D. Kressner, M. Steinlechner, B. Vandereycken

Report 19.2013   :   Comparison between reduced order models and full 3D models for
                             fluid-structure interaction problems in haemodynamics
                             C.M. Colciago, S. Deparis, A. Quarteroni

Report 18.2013   :   An online-offline homogenization strategy to solve quasilinear two-scale
                             problems at the cost of one-scale problems
A. Abdulle, Y. Bai, G. Vilmart

Report 17.2013   :   FE heterogeneous multiscale method for long time wave propagation,
                             A. Abdulle, M. J. Grote, C. Stohrer

Report 16.2013 NEW : An indefinite variant of LOBPCG for definite matrix pencils, 
                             D. Kressner, M. Miloloza Pandur, M. Shao

Report 15.2013   :   Memory-efficient Arnoldi algorithms for linearizations of matrix poly-
                             nomials in Chebyshev basis
,                      D. Kressner, J. E. Roman

Report 14.2013   :   Interface control domain decomposition (ICDD) methods for coupled
                             diffusion and advection-diffusion problems
                             M. Discacciati, P. Gervasio, A. Quarteroni

Report 13.2013 NEW  : Accurate and efficient evaluation of filure probability for partial different
                             equations with random input data
,              P. Chen, A. Quarteroni

Report 12.2013   :   Reduced basis finite element heterogeneous multiscale method
                             for quasilinear elliptic homogenization problems
                              A. Abdulle, Y. Bai, G. Vilmart

Report 11.2013   :    Lower bound for the maximum of some derivative of Hardy’s
,                    Ph. Blanc

Report 10.2013 NEW   :  Numerical homogenization methods,               A. Abdulle

Report 09.2013   :    On a perturbation bound for invariant subspaces of matrices,
                              M. Karow, D. Kressner

Report 08.2013   :    A literature survey of low-rank tensor approximation techniques,
                              L. Grasedyck, D. Kressner, C. Tobler

Report 07.2013   :   On non-asymptotic optimal stopping criteria in Monte Carlo
,              C. Bayer, H. Hoel, E. von Schwein, R. Tempone

Report 06.2013 NEW3  : Approximation rates for the hierarchical tensor format in
Sobolev spaces,        R. Schneider, A. Uschmajew

Report 05.2013 NEW : A weighted empirical interpolation method: a priori convergence
                             analysis and applications
,        P. Chen, A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza

Report 04.2013 NEW : A weighted reduced basis method for elliptic partial differential
                             equations with random input data
P. Chen, A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza

Report 03.2013   :   Low-rank differential equations for Hamiltonian matrix nearness
,                                 N. Guglielmi, D. Kressner, C. Lubich

Report 02.2013   :   Tensor product finite element differential forms and their
                             approximation properties
,        D. N. Arnold, D. Boffi, F. Bonizzoni 

Report 01.2013   :   Stabilized multilevel Monte Carlo method for stiff stochastic
                             differential equations,
               A. Abdulle, A. Blumenthal