Technical reports 2012

Report 48.2012   :   Approximation of quantities of interest in stochastic PDES by the
                             random discrete L2 projection on polynomial spaces
                             G. Migliorati, F. Nobile, E. von  Schwerin, R. Tempone

Report 47.2012   :   Fully discrete analysis of the heterogeneous multiscale method for
                             elliptic problems with multiple scales
,        A. Abdulle, Y. Bai

Report 46.2012   :   A quasi-optimal sparse grids procedure for groundwater flows
                             J. Beck, F. Nobile, L. Tamellini, R. Tempone

Report 45.2012   :   An error analysis of Galerkin projection methods for linear systems
                             with tensor product structure
,      B. Beckermann, D. Kressner, C. Tobler

Report 44.2012_NEW   :   Structured canonical forms for products of (skew-)symmetric matrices
                             and the matrix equation XAX = B,
           D. Kressner, X. Liu

Report 43.2012   :   Multiscale coupling of finite element and lattice Boltzmann methods
                             for time dependent problems, 
      M. Astorino, F. Chouly, A. Quarteroni

Report 42.2012   :   Uncertainty quantification of human arterial network,  
                             P. Chen, A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza

Report 41.2012   :   Multilevel Monte Carlo methods for stochastic elliptic multiscale PDES,
                             A. Abdulle, A. Barth, C. Schwab

Report 40.2012   :   Reduced basis method for parametrized elliptic optimal control
                  F. Negri, G. Rozza, A. Manzoni, A. Quarteroni

Report 39.2012   :   PIROCK : a swiss-knife partitioned implicit-explicit orthogonal
                             Runge-Kutta Chebyshev integrator for stiff diffusion-advection-reaction
                             problems with our without noise,
                  A. Abdulle, G. Vilmart

Report 38.2012   :   A priori and posteriori W1,error analysis of QC method for complex
                                           A. Abdulle, P. Lin, A. V. Shapeevv 

Report 37.2012_NEW   :   Isogeometric analysis and error estimates for high order partial
                             differential equations in fluid dynamics,
A. Tagliabue, L. Dedè, A. Quarteroni 

Report 36.2012   :   Isogeometric analysis for second order partial differential equations on
                               L. Dedè, A. Quarteroni

Report 35.2012   :   Mean-square A-stable diagonally drift-implicit integrators of weak
                             second order for stiff Itô stochastic differential equations, 
                             A. Abdulle, G. Vilmart, K.C. Zygalakis

Report 34.2012_NEW  : Comparison between reduced basis and stochastic collocation
                             methods for elliptic problems,       
P. Chen, A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza

Report 33.2012   :   Generalized reduced basis methods and n-width estimates for the 
                             approximation of the solution manifold of parametric PDEs, 
T. Lassila, A. Manzoni, A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza

Report 32.2012   :   Analysis and computation of the elastic wave equation with random 
M. Motamed, F. Nobile, R. Tempone

Report 31.2012   :   Moment equations for the mixed formulation of the Hodge Laplacian
                             with stochastic data,
Erratum added at the end of the report on November 2012,
                             F. Bonizzoni, A. Buffa, F. Nobile

Report 30.2012_NEW   : Optimally packed chains of bulges in multishift QR algorithms,
                             L. Karlsson, D. Kressner, B. Lang

Report 29.2012   :   Adaptive reduced basis finite element heterogeneous multiscale method,
                             A. Abdulle, Y. Bai

Report 28.2012   :   Dynamical approximation of hierarchical Tucker and tensor-train tensors,
                             C. Lubich, T. Rohwedder, R. Schneider, B. Vandereycken

Report 27.2012   :   Robust successive computation of eigenpairs for nonlinear eigenvalue
                              C. Effenberger                      

Report 26.2012   :   Reduction strategies for PDE-constrained optimization problems in
                  G. Rozza, A. Manzoni, F. Negri

Report 25.2012   :   Sparse spectral approximations for computing polynomial functionals,
                             E. Faou, F. Nobile, C. Vuillot

Report 24.2012   :   Convergence of quasi-optimal stochastic Galerkin methods for a class of PDES
                             with random coefficients, 
    J. Beck, F. Nobile, L. Tamellini, R. Tempone

Report 23.2012_NEW  : Stochastic optimal Robin boundary control problems of advection-  
                             dominated elliptic equations,
         P. Chen, A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza

Report 22.2012   :   Multilevel preconditioning and low rank tensor iteration for space-time
                             siumltaneous discretizations of parabolic PDES,
      R. Andreev, C. Tobler

Report 21.2012   :   Discontinuous Galerkin finite element heterogeneous multiscale method for
                             advection-diffusion problems with multiple scales,
      A. Abdulle, M. Huber

Report 20.2012_NEW Numerical simulation of left ventricular assist device implantations:
                             comparing the ascending and descending aorta cannulations,
                             J. Bonnemain, C. Malossi, M. Lesinigo, S. Deparis, A. Quarteroni, L. von Segesser

Report 19.2012   :   A reduced-order strategy for solving inverse Bayesian shape identification
                             problems in physiological flows
,   A. Manzoni, T. Lassila, A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza

Report 18.2012   :   A preconditioned low-rank CG method for parameter-dependent Lyapunov 
                             matrix equations,         D. Kressner, M. Plesinger, C. Tobler

Report 17.2012   :   The heterogeneous multiscale method,   
                             A. Abdulle, W. E, B. Engquist, E. Vanden-Eijnden

Report 16.2012    :  Numerical comparison and calibration of geometrical multiscales
                             models for the simulation of arterial flows
,    A. C. I. Malossi, J. Bonnemain

Report 15.2012   :   Computational reduction for parametrized PDEs: strategies and 
,                    A. Manzoni, A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza

Report 14.2012   :   A survey and comparison of contemporary algorithms for computing 
                             the matrix geometric mean
,           B. Jeuris, R. Vandebril, B. Vandereycken

Report 13.2012 NEW   :   Subspace methods for computing the pseudospectral abscissa and 
                             the stability radius,    
             D. Kressner, B. Vandereycken

Report 12.2012   :   The geometry of algorithms using hierarchical tensors 
                             A. Uschmajew, B. Vandereycken

Report 11.2012   :   Conservation schemes for convection-diffusion equations with Robin’s 
                             boundary conditions
,           S. Flotron, J. Rappaz

Report 10.2012   :   Implicit coupling of one-dimensional and three-dimensional blood flow 
                             models with compliant vessels
,       C. Malossi, P. Blanco, P. Crosetto, 
                             S. Deparis, A. Quarteroni

Report 09.2012   :   Reduction strategies for shape dependent inverse problems in 
,         T. Lassila, A. Manzoni, G. Rozza

 Report 08.2012   :   A framework for the analysis of the haemodynamics in patients with 
assist device, J. Bonnemain, E. Faggiano, A. Quarteroni, S. Deparis

Report 07.2012   :   Connecting ventricular assist devices to the aorta: a numerical model
                             J. Bonnemain, S. Deparis, A. Quarteroni

Report 06.2012   :   Three-dimensional simulation of dam break flows
                             A. Caboussat, S. Boyaval, A. Masserey

Report 05.2012_NEW  :   Weak second order explicit stabilized methods for stiff stochastic 
                             differential equations
,         A. Abdulle, G. Vilmart, K.C. Zygalakis

Report 04.2012    :   htucker – A Matlab toolbox for tensors in hierarchical Tucker format
                              D. Kressner, C. Tobler

Report 03.2012   :    Boundary control and shape optimization for the robust design of 
                              bypass anastomoses under uncertainty, 
                              T. Lassila, A. Manzoni, A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza

Report 02.2012    Time accurate partitioned  algorithms for the solution of fluid-structure
                              interaction problems in haemodynamics, 
   F. Nobile, M. Pozzoli, C. Vergara

Report 01.2012   :    A posteriori error estimate in quantities of interest for the finite element 
                              heterogeneous multiscale method, 
     A. Abdulle, A. Nonnenmacher