Technical reports 2011

Report 35.2011   :   Anisotropic finite elements for the transient transport equation
                             Y. Bourgault, M Picasso

Report 34.2011   :   Chebyshev interpolation for nonlinear eigenvalue problems 
                             C. Effenberger, D. Kressner

Report 33.2011   :   Low-rank matrix completion by Riemannian optimization 
                             B. Vandereycken

Report 32.2011   Generalized eigenvalue problems with specified eigenvalues
                            D. Kressner, E. Mengi, I. Nakic, N. Truhar  

Report 31.2011   :  Preconditioned low-rank methods for high-dimensional elliptic PDE
                            eigenvalue problems,    D. Kressner, C. Tobler   

Report 30.2011  :   Model order reduction by reduced basis for optimal control and
                            shape optimization,      
A. Manzoni 

Report 29.2011  :   Analysis of the discrete L2  projection on polynomial spaces with 
                            random evaluations, 
G. Migliorati, F. Nobile, Erik von Schwerin, R. Tempone 

Report 28.2011  :   A stochastic collocation method for the second order wave equation
                            with a discontiuous random speed, 
M. Motamed, F. Nobile, R. Tempone     

Report 27.2011  :   Explicit stabilized Runge-Kutta methods 
A. Abdulle     

Report 26.2011  :   The multilevel Monte-Carlo method for stochastic differential equations 
                            driven by jump-diffusion processes,   
A. Abdulle, A. Blumenthal and E. Buckwar     

Report 25.2011  :   High weak order methods for stochastic differential  equations based 
                            on modified equations,   
A. Abdulle, D. Cohen, G. Vilmart and K. C. Zygalakis     

Report 24.2011  :   Reduced basis finite elements heterogeneous multiscale method for 
                            high-order discretizations of elliptic homogenization problems
A. Abdulle and Y. Bai   

Report 23.2011  :   Consistent energy-based atomistic/continuum coupling for two-body
                            potentials in tree dimensions,   
 A. V. Shapeev     

Report 22.2011  :   Numerical methods for multilattices 
A. Abdulle, P. Lin and A. V. Shapeev     

Report 21.2011  :   Consistent energy-based atomistic/continuum coupling for two-body 
                            potentials in one and two dimensions,   
A. V. Shapeev     

Report 20.2011   :  Numerical methods for stochastic partial differential equations with 
                            multiple scales,        
A. Abdulle and G.A. Pavliotis

Report 19.2011  :   Coupling heterogeneous multiscale FEM with Runge-Kutta methods for  
                            parabolic homogenization problems: a fully discrete space-time analysis
A. Abdulle and G. Vilmart    

Report 18.2011  :   Analysis of an energy-based atomistic/continuum approximation of a 
                            vacancy in the 2D triangular lattice,   
C. Ortner and A. V. Shapeev     

Report 17.2011  :   Boosted hybrid method for solving chemical reaction systems with 
                            multiple scale in time and population size,  
Y. Hu, A. Abdulle and  T. Li     

Report 16.2011  :   The spectrum of the force-based quasicontinuum operator for a 
                            homogeneous periodic chain,  
D. Dobson, C. Ortner and A. V. Shapeev       

Report 15.2011  :   Analysis of the finite element heterogeneous multiscale method for 
                            nonmonotone elliptic homogenization problems,  
A. Abdulle and G. Vilmart       

Report 14.2011  :  The effect of numerical integration in nonmonotone nonlinear elliptic 
                            problems with application to numerical homogenization    
A. Abdulle and G. Vilmart        

Report 13.2011  :   Low-rank tensor Krylov subspace methods for parametrized linear systems  
                            D. Kressner and C. Tobler . Revised March 2011       

Report 12.2011  :   A reduced computational and geometrical framework for inverse problems
                            in haemodynamics,  
T. Lassila, A. Manzoni, A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza

Report 11.2011  :   On a problem in relation with the values of the argument of the Riemann 
                            zeta function in the neighborhood of points where zeta is large,  
Ph. Blanc

Report 10.2011  :   A two-level time step technique for the partitioned solution of one-dimen-
                            sional arterial networks,  
A. Cristiano I. Malossi, Pablo J. Blanco, S. Deparis

Report 09.2011  :   Numerical approximation of internal discontiunuity interface problems
                            M. Discacciati, A. Quarteroni, S. Quinodoz

Report 08-2011  :   On the approximation of stability factors for general parametrized partial 
                            differential equations with a two-level affine decomposition 
T. Lassila, A. Manzoni, G. Rozza

Report 07.2011  :   A reduced basis hybrid method for the coupling of parametrized domains 
                            represented by fluidic networks,  
L. Iapichino, A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza

Report 06.2011  :   A modular lattice Boltzmann solver for GPU computing processors
                            M. Astorino, J. Becerra Sagredo, A. Quarteroni

Report 05.2011  :   Model reduction techniques for fast blood flow simulation in parametrized 
A. Manzoni, A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza

Report 04.2011  :   Extended variational formulation for heterogeneous partial differential 
P. Blanco, P. Gervasio, A. Quarteroni

Report 03.2011  :   Numerical simulation of sailing boats : dynamics, FSI, and shape optimization
M. Lombardi, N. Parolini, A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza

Report 02.2011  :   Certified reduced basis approximation for parametrized partial differential 
                            equations and applications,  
A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza, A. Manzoni 

Report 01.2011   :   A reduced basis model with parametric coupling for fluid-structure interaction
   T. Lassila, A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza