Our developments in numerical linear algebra have been incorporated into several widely used software packages, including LAPACK, ScaLAPACK, SLEPc, and Matlab. One recent example includes our parallel implementation of the QR algorithm, which has become the parallel nonsymmetric eigenvalue solver in ScaLAPACK from version 2.0.


LifeV is a C++ finite element library that is developed since 10 years in collaboration with INRIA, Politecnico di Milano, and Emory University. It contains today around 200.000 lines. The code is
free and available on under LGPL license. In 2010, a new release of the code
has been proposed where the whole code has been ported to a parallel version to achieve high
performance computing on multiprocessors architectures.

We have developed, in collaboration with Politercnico di Milano, MLife, a Matlab library for solving
PDEs using the finite element method.

OpenFoam is a powerful OpenSource library written in C++ and based on finite Volume discretization. Much work has been devoted in MATHICSE to develop new solvers/tools. Its
primary application so far has been on yacht engineering. In particular much attention has been
devoted to free surface simulations, validations and implementations of new solvers, FSI, shape optimization and mesh motion.

The rbMIT MATLAB Library is developed in collaboration with MIT for the implementation of general Reduced Basis (RB) algorithms. It permits quick and “automatic” application of RB Offline tools, for generation of RB Offline/Online datasets, and real-time training on the RB Online Evaluator.

FE-HMM Matlab Software provides a flexible and easy to use collection of programs that allows to solve two or three dimensional multiscale linear and nonlinear elliptic or parabolic problems with various discretization (continuous and discontinuous finite elements). New extensions such as the integration of the RB methodology are currently developed.

ROCK2, ROCK4, S-ROCK, PIROCK are a collection of FORTRAN codes for the time discretization of problems arising from advection diffusion reaction problems including with noise in time.

The Sparse grid toolkit is a Matlab library for high dimensional polynomial interpolation and integration of functions on arbitrary sparse grids. It has been used in combination with deterministic PDE solvers as Mlife for computing statistics of the solutions of PDEs with random parameters.