Technical reports 2014

Report 49.2014   :   A multi level Monte Carlo method with control variate for elliptic PDEs
with log-normal coefficients,           
Fabio Nobile, Francesco Tesei

Report 48.2014   :   From the free surface flow of a viscoelastic fluid towards the elastic
deformation of a solid
,                     Marco Picasso

Report 47.2014 NEW : Accurate solution of Bayesian inverse uncertainty quantification
problems combining reduced basis methods and reduction error models
                             Andrea Manzoni, Stefano Pagani, Toni Lassila

Report 46.2014   :   The role of numerical integration in numerical homongenization,
Assyr Abdulle

Report 45.2014   :   A block algorithm for computing antitriangular factorizations of symmetric                              matrices,                          Zvonimir Bujanovic, Daniel Kressner

Report 44.2014   :   Isogeometric analysis and proper orthogonal decomposition for
parabolic problems
,        Luca Dedè, Alfio Quarteroni, Shengfeng Zhu

Report 43.2014   :   Improving seismic risk protection through mathematical modeling,
Paola F. Antonietti, Ilario Mazzieri, Alfio Quarteroni

Report 42.2014   :   A reduced basis localized orthogonal decomposition,
Assyr Abdulle, Patrick Henning

Report 41.2014   :   Comparison of Clenshaw-Curtis and Leja quasi-optimal sparse grids
for the approximation of random PDEs
Fabio Nobile, Lorenzo Tamellini, Raúl Tempone

Report 40.2014    :  A posteriori error estimations for elliptic partial differential equations
with small uncertainties
, Diane Guignard, Fabio Nobile, Marco Picasso

Report 39.2014    :  Tensor train approximation of moment equations for the log-normal
Darcy problem,
          Francesca Bonizzoni, Fabio Nobile, Daniel Kressner

Report 38.2014    :  Fluid-structure interaction simulations of cerebral arteries modeled by
isotropic and anistotropic constitutive laws
,       Paolo Tricerri, Luca Dedè,
Simone Deparis, Alfio Quarteroni, Anne M. Robertson, Adélia Sequeira

Report 37.2014    :  Parallel algorithms for tensor completion in the CP format,
Lars Karlsson, Daniel Kressner, André Uschmajew

Report 36.2014    : 

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Assyr Abdulle, Martin E. Huber


Report 35.2014   :   A Petrov-Galerkin reduced basis approximation of the Stokes equation in
parametrized geometries
Assyr Abdulle, Ondrej Budác


Report 34.2014 NEW  :  A new convergence proof for the high-order power method and
André Uschmajew


Report 33.2014   :   Interface control domain decomposition (ICDD) methods for hetero-
geneous problems,             Marco Discacciati, Paola Gervasio, Alfio Quarteroni


Report 32.2014   :   Linearized numerical homogenization method for nonline monotone
parabolic multiscale problems,  Assyr Abdulle, Martin E. Huber, Gilles Vilmart

Report 31.2014 NEW  :  Finite element heterogeneous multiscale method for nonlinear monotone
parabolic homogenization problems,  Assyr Abdulle, Martin E. Huber

Report 30.2014 NEW  :  On low-rank approximability of solutions to high-dimensional operator
equations and eigenvalue problems,  Daniel Kressner, André Uschmajew

Report 29.2014  :    Localized orthogonal decomposition method for the wave equation
with a continuum of scales,                Assyr Abdulle, Patrick Henning

Report 28.2014   :   Reduced basis method for the stokes equations in decomposable
parametrized domains using greedy optimization,
Laura Iapichino, Alfio Quarteroni, Gianluigi Rozza, Stefan Volkwein

Report 27.2014 NEW  : An optimization-based multiscale coupling method,
Assyr Abdulle, Orane Jecker

Report 26.2014   :   Multi index Monte Carlo: when sparsity meets sampling,
Abdul-Lateef Haji-Ali, Fabio Nobile, Raúl Tempone

Report 25.2014 NEW  : Analysis of discrete least squares on multivariate polynomial spaces
with evaluations at low-discrepancy point sets,
Giovanni Migliorati, Fabio Nobile

Report 24.2014   :   Low-rank tensor approximation for high-order correlation functions
of Gaussian random fields,
Daniel Kressner, Rajesh Kumar, Fabio Nobile, Christine Tobler

Report 23.2014   :   Supremizer stabilization of PD-Galerkin approximation of parametrized
Navier-Stokes equations,
Francesco Ballarin, Andrea Manzoni, Alfio Quarteroni, Gianluigi Rozza

Report 22.2014   :   Interface control domain decomposition (ICDD) method for Stokes-Darcy
coupling,              Marco Discacciati, Paola Gervasio, Alfio Quarteroni

Report 21.2014   :   Isogeometric numerical dispersion analysis for elastic wave propagation,
Luca Dedè, Christoph Jäggli, Alfio Quarteroni

Report 20.2014   :   Projection methods for large T-Sylvester equations,
Froilán M. Dopico, Javier González, Daniel Kressner, Valeria Simoncini

Report 19.2014   :   On the dynamically orthogonal approximation of time dependent
random PDEs,              Eleonora Musharbash, Fabio Nobile, Tao Zhou

Report 18.2014   :   Long time accuracyof Lie-Trotter splitting methods for Langevin
dynamics,          Assyr Abdulle, Gilles Vilmart, Konstantinos C. Zygalakis

Report 17.2014   :   Low-rank tensor methods for communicating Markow processes,
Daniel Kressner, Francisco Macedo

Report 16.2014   :   Optimization of mesh hierarchies in multilevel Monte Carlo samplers,
Abdul-Lateef Haji-Ali, Fabio Nobile, Erik Von Schwerin, Raúl Tempone

Report 15.2014   :   An anisotropic adaptive finite element algorithm for transonic viscous
flows around a wing,             Wissam Hassan, Marco Picasso

Report 14.2014   :   Greedy low-rank methods for solving general linear matrix equations,
Daniel Kressner, Petar Sirkovic

Report 13.2014 NEW  :  Convergence results for projected line-search methods on veieties of
low-rank matrices via Lojasiewicz inequality,
Reinhold Schneider, André Uschmajew

Report 12.2014 NEW   :   Convergence of quasi-optimal sparse grid approximation of
Hilbert-valued functions: application to random elliptic PDEs,
Fabio Nobile, Lorenzo Tamellini, Raúl Tempone

Report 11.2014   :   On the eigenvalue decay of solutions to operator Lyapunov equations,
Luka Grubisic, Daniel Kressner

Report 10.2014   :   A continuation multilevel Monte Carlo algorithm, Nathan Collier,
Abdul-Lateef Haji-Ali, Fabio Nobile, Erik von Schwerin, Raúl Tempone

Report 09.2014   :   A new algorithm for high-dimensional uncertainty quantification
problems based on dimenstion-adaptive and reduced basis methods,
Peng Chen, Alfio Quarteroni

Report 08.2014NEW  :  Heuristic strategies for the approximation of stability factors
in quadratically nonlinear parametrized PDEs, Andrea Manzoni, Federico Negri

Report 07.2014   :   Reduced order modelling numerical homogenization,
Assyr Abdulle, Yun Bai

Report 06.2014   :   Parameter estimates for the relaxed dimensional factorization
preconditioner and application to hemodynamics,
Michele Benzi, Simone Deparis, Gwenol Grandperrin, Alfio Quarteroni

Report 05.2014   :   A parallel QZ algorithm for distributed memory HPC systems,
Björn Adlerborn, Bo Kagström, Daniel Kressner

Report 04.2014   :   Well-posedness, regularity, and convergence analysis of the finite
element approximation of a generalized Robin boundary value problem,
Takahito Kashiwabara, Claudia M. Colciago, Luca Dedè, Alfio Quarteroni

Report 03.2014   :   On the residual inverse iteration for nonlinear eigenvalue problems
admitting a Rayleigh functional,    Cedric Effenberger, Daniel Kressner

Report 02.2014 NEW  :  Reduced basis approximation of parametrized optimal flow control
problems for the Stokes equations, 
Federico Negri, Andrea Manzoni, Gianluigi Rozza

Report 01.2014 NEW  :  Multivariate Markov-type and Nikolskii-type inequalities for polynomials
associated with downward closed multi-index sets,      Giovanni Migliorati