Technical reports 2016

Report 39.2016 Analysis of the internodes method for non-conforming discretizations of elliptic equations
Paola Gervasio, Alfio Quarteroni
Report 38.2016 A fast virtual surgery platform for many scenarios haemodynamics of patient-specific coronary artery bypass grafts
Francesco Ballarin, Elena Faggiano, Andra Manzoni, Gianluigi Rozza, Alfio Quarteroni, Sonia Ippolito, Carlo Antona, Roberto Scrofani
Report 37.2016 A fast gradient method for nonnegative sparse regression with self dictionary
Nicolas Gillis, Robert Luce
Report 36.2016 Spectral methods for multiscale stochastic differential equations
Assyr Abdulle, Grigorios A. Pavliotis, Urbain Vaes
Report 35.2016 A reduced basis approach to large-scale pseudospectra computation
Petar Sirkovic
Report 34.2016-New Numerical homogenization and model order reduction for multiscale inverse problems
Assyr Abdulle, Andrea Di Blasio
Report 33.2016-New An optimization-based numerical method for diffusion problems with sign-changing coefficients
  Assyr Abdulle, Martin Huber, Simon Lemaire
Report 32.2016-New Multi space reduced basis preconditioners for large-scale parametrized PDEs
  Niccolo Dal Santo, Simone Deparis, Andrea Manzoni, Alfio Quarteroni
Report 31.2016 Fast computation of spectral projectors of banded matrices
  Daniel Kressner, Ana Susnjara
Report 30.2016 Multiscale methods and model order reduction for flow problems in three-scale porous media
  Assyr Abdulle, Ondrej Budac, Antoine Imboden
Report 29.2016 Perturbation of higher-order singular values
  Wolfgang Hackbusch, Daniel Kressner, André Uschmajew
Report 28.2016 On heterogeneous coupling of multiscale methods for problems with and without scale separation
  Assyr Abdulle, Orane Jecker
Report 27.2016 Multiscale methods for wave problems in heterogeneous media
  Assyr Abdulle, Patrick Henning
Report 26.2016 Multiscale model reduction methods for flow in heterogeneousporous media
Assyr Abdulle, Ondrej Budac
Report 25.2016  A continuation multi level Monte Carlo (C-MLMC) method for uncertainty quantification in compressible aerodynamics
Michele Pisaroni, Fabio Nobile, Pénélope Leyland
Report 24.2016 Convergence analysis of Padé approximations for Helmholtz frequency response problems
Francesca Bonizzoni, Fabio Nobile, Ilaria Perugia
Report 23.2016  Fast computation of the matrix exponential for a Toeplitz matrix
Daniel Kressner, Robert Luce
Report 22.2016 Multilevel tensor approximation of PDEs with random data
Jonas Ballani, Daniel Kressner, Michael Peters
Report 21.2016 A matrix discrete empirical interpolation method for the efficient model reduction of parametrized nonlinear PDEs: application to non-
linear elasticity problems
Diana Bonomi, Andrea Manzoni, Alfio Quarteroni
Report 20.2016 A patient-specific aortic valve model based on moving resistive immersed implicit surfaces
Marco Fedele, Elena Faggiano, Luca Dedè, Alfio Quarteroni
Report 19.2016 Automatic reduction of PDEs defined on domains with variable shape
Andrea Manzoni, Federico Negri
Report 18.2016 NEW Efficient state/Parameter estimation in nonlinear unsteady PDEs by a reduced basis ensemble Kalman filter
Stefano Pagani, Andrea Manzoni, Alfio Quarteroni
Report 17.2016 An adjoint-based method for the numerical approximation of shape optimization problems in presence of fluid-structure interaction
Andrea Manzoni, Luca Ponti
Report 16.2016 An online intrinsic stabilization strategy for the reduced basis approximation of parametrized advection-dominated problems
Yvon Maday, Andrea Manzoni, Alfio Quarteroni
Report 15.2016 A novel iterative method to approximate structured singular values
Nicola Guglielmi, Mutti-Ur Rehman, Daniel Kressner
Report 14.2016 Multigrid methods combined with low-rank approximation for tensor structured Markov chains
Matthias Bolten, Karsten Kahl, Daniel Kressner, Francisco Macedo, Sonja Sokolovic
Report 13.2016 A posteriori error estimation for the steady Navier-Stokes equations in random domains
Diane Guignard, Fabio Nobile, Marco Picasso
Report 12.2016 Structure preserving low multilinear rank approximation of antisymmetric tensors
Erna Begovic Kovac, Daniel Kressner
Report 11.2016 Isogeometric analysis of geometric partial differential equations
Andrea Bartezzaghi, Luca Dedè, Alfio Quarteroni
Report 10.2016 Spectral based discontinuous Galerkin reduced basis element method for parametrized Stokes problem
Paolo Pacciarini, Paola Gervasio, Alfio Quarteroni
Report 09.2016 Large Eddy simulations for blood fluid-dynamics in ral stenotic carotids
R.M. Lancellotti, C. Vergara, L. Valdettaro, S. Bose, A. Quarteroni
Report 08.2016 Geometric multiscale modeling or the cardiovascular system, between theory and practice,
Alfio Quarteroni, Alessandro Veneziani, Christian Vergara
Report 07.2016 Improved hybrid/GPU algorithm for solving cardiac electro-physiology problems on Purkinje networks
M. Lange, S. Palamara, T. Lassila, C. Vergara, A. Quarteroni, A.F. Frangi
Report 06.2016 Computational comparison of aortic root stresses in presence of stentless and stented aortic valve bio-prosteses
M.G.C, Nestola, E. Faggiano, C. Vergara, R.M. Lancellotti, S. Ippolito, S. Filippi, A. Quarteroni, R. Scrfani
Report 05.2016 Integrated heart – Coupling multiscale and multiphysics models for the simulation of the cardiac function
Alfio Quarteroni, Toni Lassila, Simone Rossi, Ricardo Ruiz-Baier
Report 04.2016 Effective models for the multimensional wave equation in heterogeneous media over long time and numerical homogenization
Assyr Abdulle, Timothée Pouchon
Report 03.2016 Using separable non-negative matrix factorization techniques for the analysis of time-resolved Raman spectra
Robert Luce, Peter Hildebrandt, Uwe Kuhlmann, Jörg Liesen
Report 02.2016 Isogeometric analysis and proper orthogonal decomposition for the acoustic wave equation
Shengfeng Zhu, Luca Dedè, Alfio Quarteroni
Report 01-2016 New Dimensionality reduction of parameter-dependent problems through proper orthogonal decomposition
Andrea Manzoni, Federico Negri, Alfio Quarteroni