Prospective Students


In order to apply for an internship at LASA all candidates must first follow the screening procedure indicated at, otherwise you applications will not be considered.

Only, once dully approved by the above program, then you may submit an application for funding for an internship at LASA.

Please provide:

  • Letter of Motivation
  • CV
  • Transcripts
  • Field of Interest

All applications should emailed directly to Prof. Aude Billard.



Post-Doctoral Fellows:
There are no current openings for postdoc at the LASA laboratory. However, on a case by case basis, interested postdoc may contact Prof. Billard.

PhD Students:
At the present time, all students with a degree from outside Switzerland must first get their application accepted by the doctoral school, prior to getting a position in an EPFL laboratory. The LASA laboratory will, thus, no longer consider spontaneous applications from students interested in conducting a PhD in the laboratory, if their application has not first been screened by the doctoral school, unless they hold a degree from one of the EPF/ETH or Universities in Switzerland.

Interested students should visit the EPFL doctoral school program and submit their application for either of these two programs:

And specify in their statement of research intereste that they are interested in the LASA laboratory for their application to be then distributed to Prof. Billard after the first screening.